Razer Atrox Arcade Stick Xbox 360: what kind of connection does it have in the back for the USB cable?

I was reading this review about the stick:

and regarding the connection they mention:

Another concern with the early beta units was the square USB B connector in the back. This has now been replaced with a proprietary plug that locks into place. The plug has a bit of wiggle to it but cannot be removed without actually disengaging the lock. As with any wired Xbox 360 controller, the cable has the mandatory breakaway connector that helps protect both the locking plug and USB connector in cases where the cable is pulled hard.

Do you guys know the name of such a connector for the Xbox 360 version?
I can barely see it on a video review (minute 4:25), but it doesn’t sound familiar at all… wondering how easy would be to get another one, as second hand fightstick can come damage in those kind of things:

Pretty sure the review unit in the video is the USB-B connector.

If later Atrox versions were any indication, they use the same plug as the Mad Catz Pro cable used in the TE2 series. Someone here on the forums realized that the plug is a GX12 5-pin aviation connector. Here’s how you can make your own:

Jasen’s Customs also sells high-quality techflex braided versions:

Thanks, I saw the Atrox Xbox One version and it seemed it had the GX12 5-pin aviation connector you mention, but I couldn’t find a proper picture of the Xbox 360 version and the only thing I saw was that video review, where it seems more like a square connection (but not USB B or anything I’ve seen before), but not quite sure what the retail models shipped with.

If anyone owns (or owned) one, could you pls confirm which kind of connection it had?

I’m going to check the one you mentioned anyway to see how easy it’d be to get one in the UK…

Thank you!

I found a couple of pictures, but with bad angles on the net and it doesn’t seem the 5-pin connection that model.

Does that connection sound familiar?

The only review so far talking about the port is this http://iplaywinner.com/news/2013/7/30/review-razer-atrox-arcade-stick.html

Influenced by custom arcade stick mods, Razer opted for a detachable USB cable. Players can plug the cable to the front of the Atrox whenever needed and store it inside a compartment whenever inactive. While Razer did a good job with trying something different in wired connectivity, drawbacks include the proprietary cable and port instead of a more common duo which can make replacement parts a hassle. The compartment can be too small when trying to store the 13-foot cable.

I just found the instructions with a picture of the connection, this is really proprietary it seems. I doubt it’s possible to get a replacement even from Razer or the price might be too much for what it is, I’ll see what they say…

If anyone got a replacement by any chance, where did you get it from and how much was it?

At that point, I’d just say screw it and replace the jack entirely with something that you CAN get replacements of.