RAZER ATROX Next Gen Mod?!


Hello guys,

I’m pretty new to the Genre and to Arcade Sticks. I’m from Germany and Beat’em ups are not really popular here.
You have to pay over $200 for an allready used TE mad catz stick and that’s y I decided to buy a new Razer Atrox.

Maybe I’m gonna buy a new xbox One next year, maybe a PS4. I don’t really know right now.
So my question is: Is it possible to mod this Stick that I can use it with the next gen consoles? I’ve read something on the US-ebay sites with 360+ on some sticks,
that they would allready be preparded for the next gen consoles.

Can I mod my Razer Atrox to use it on Xbox One when I got one?

best regards and sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:



Currently, a difficult pad hack its the only option in both cases, although a user here is just about to release a device that makes the xbone pad hack much easier (Phreakmods Crossbone).


Thank you sir for the reply!

It’s possible but difficult you say. That’s enough to know, so I can keep my Atrox Stick, right? I got really comfortable with it and like I said,
in Germany I don’t have much options for a stick :frowning: Order one from the States would break my neck, the fckng taxes are too high and I don’t find a custom shop in the EU.


Yep, you can put whatever pcb (printed circuit board) you want in there. , and the Atrox case is very mod friendly by design. Lots of tutorials in one of the stickies here ( Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!) ), I recommend doing lots of research before jumping in if you’re new to this.

Here’s a thread specifically focused on Xbone pad hacking: Xbox One PadHack Thread - Calling the goons “Toodles, Gummowned, Phreak and You” Do it for the Kids

PS4 pad hack: Dual Shock 4 PadHack Thread - aka you should padhack the hfc4 pad instead


Thank you so much PresidentCamacho!

You helped me alot here! I’ll check out the threads you’ve posted before i get started.

best regards,