Razer Atrox Question/Arcade Stick Quesiton

?? answering the wrong question?

if you just want xbox360 and PC, 360 Atrox will do that. I don’t think it will do XBone. I don’t think the KI XBone Atrox will support backwards compatibility with Xbox360 (pretty sure different security chips this time around).

If you want multi-console support look at redforth’s post - it’ll require work and perhaps soldering

You can use the PS360+ PCB, haven’t heard anything about having to use Crossbone with it as well. The PS360+ PCB will give you compatibility with PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. I’ve heard there are some slight issues with lag input but I’ve also heard that they are actively providing firmware updates and working on fixing this ASAP - there was beta firmware given out to EVO participants this year I believe.

But in short, the 360 version of the Atrox, unmodded, will not work on the Xbox One, or vice versa. However I believe both would work on PC, but I’ve only used the 360 on the PC myself, I haven’t had any experience with the Xbox One version

undamned more or less proved via oscilloscope that ps360+ has very little lag(less than half a frame); ps360+ is still a viable option. Though still waiting for more tests from other people to make this more concrete.

Thanks for the info guys, I know 200 for a stick seems a bit pricy. I am not quite sure what other ones to go with though. Also I am going to lookout for more info on the PS360+ mod.

Hey guys first time here and modding, so apologizes in advance if I sound like a complete newb. So I recently bought the Xbox One Atrox and was looking at modding since a, it is not fully compatible with PC(RT and LT buttons don’t work) and b, SFV will be PS4/PC exclusive. I’ve done a lot of reading and I have seen that the PS360+ will be my best option. However, my concern is that if the original PCB in the Atrox needs to be removed since the PS360+ will have all the wiring on it instead (since it looks that the PS360+ does not have compatibility with Xbox One), at least that what it seems looking at tutorials for other sticks. So I guess my main question is if I do install the PS360+, is there a way to keep the original PCB connected to maintain Xbox One compatibility, or will the PS360+ alone work fine, or will it not work at all. If you know of any other way of modding that would make the Xbox One Atrox work on XB1/360/PC/PS3/PS4 I would really appreciate it. Sorry if I do sound like a complete newb. Thanks in advanced!

If the PCB is common ground (someone here said it is, I’m not 100% sure though) you could do a dual mod. Study up here: Dual modding 101
Dual modding 101

Currently you would have to pad hack (a difficult one) to get ps4 compatibility, meaning your dual mod would end up a triple mod.

Yeah I saw that too, where someone said it is common ground for modding. As far as a Padhack for PS4, I may have to skip that now since there is no real need to use it on PS4 at this time. Maybe the PS360+ will get a software/firmware update that can take care of that later down the road. So then I just have to read that link you posted and I can found out there if I can get the original PCB and the PS360+ to be joined and have compatibility to with the other consoles for now. Thank you!

No problem. The issue with ps4 compatibility is a hardware one (ps4 uses Bluetooth authentication). Akishop has dropped a couple of hints that they may be working on a solution, possibly a hardware add on for the ps360 (speculation in my part there, for the record).

good to see thsi converstaion http://jogarjogosdemoto.com/

I guess the other question is if can I dual mod the XB1 Atrox to where I can keep the original PCB while modding in the PS360+? I ask this because looks like the PS360+ doesn’t seem to have XB1 support neither. But really thanks for help PresidentCamacho!

For insight see the Dual-modding 101 thread

The Basics there don’t change

Here are some pictures of the XB1 Atrox, It looks really easy if you want to install a PS360+



Yeah, that’s what dual modding is- two distinct pcbs in one controller. You would have your atrox pcb connected to a ps360 in this case. Long story short, you need to connect the signals, connect ground between the two boards, connect voltage between the two boards, and either have a means of switching D+ and D- between the boards (DPDT switch or an IMP) or have separate outputs for the boards (make sure to avoid plugging in both boards simultaneously if you take this route).

Wow!!! I sincerely appreciate all the help guys. PresidentCamacho and KCO_Astro you two have been a lot of help. I will be doing the mod in the next week or two after I do some reading on that Dual-Modding 101 forum to make sure I get this done right. Again I appreciate all the help and thanks for being patient with me since I am a complete newb to this. :smiley:

Hey dude. I also have a Razer Atrox One stick and was wondering how your dualmod went with the PS360+

Dual mod is really straight forward and simple. Here’s a couple I did:



@Vicko Could you make a guide on how to mod Xbox One Atrox with PS360+. I can’t find PCB Pinout for Xbox One Atrox any help on the matter would be godlike.

Also, anyone had success wiring up the Razer logo on the stick to PS360+?

  1. Get a multimeter
  2. Test the pins for ground/input (cheat by looking at the colors the button wires go to)
  3. Do the same for the stick inputs.
  4. Split your green/white USB cables onto a DPDT switch or an IMP.
  5. Wire everything to the PS360+
  6. Double check and test.

Wire the logo up how?

@Vicko Well I have an extra Xbox 360 Atrox which I modded to use PS360+, however the Razer Logo on the front of the stick is not wired up because I’m unsure of the voltage it requires I recall it burning out on a friends mod when trying to hook up to PS360+ VCC and GND. Could you test how much voltage it requires?

Probably 3v but to be safe just throw a 10k resistor with the VCC