Razer Atrox X360 still worth getting?


Hey guys, I’ve been shopping around for a new stick in time for Street Fighter V’s release. I have an old TE1 for PS3 that doesn’t work with my PC and I’m currently using a Qanba Q1 as a temporary solution. My question is would it still be worth getting a Razer Atrox even though it’s currently “outdated,” I love the design and aesthetics of the stick over the TE2’s at the moment. Along with that, how is the reliability of Atrox’s, will I be seeing an EVO 2K15 situation happen in my bedroom or was that just a fluke in the quality? Last question is if I were to want to get this to work on a PS4 what are my options in terms of doing so? I’m primarily going to be playing on PC at home and the prospects of playing competitively or outside of the house is still up in the air, so I’m not entirely sure that I’d want to commit to waiting for a PS4 compatible stick like the TE2 to come around. Any thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.


there are plenty of great sticks out there for sale… almost bought the customized all sanwa blue button version of the HRAP 3 from arcade shock because it looked so cool, but really it was next gen compatibility that got me… i don’t have a PS4 or a xbox one yet but I want to be prepared when I get mine, or find myself at a tournament

edit: if you get a good deal on a controller that doesnt support next gen you like always pad hack it is an option.


If you want to keep current gen, the Xbox One Atrox can kinda works on PC, despite not being designed for it:

It’s worth getting the 360 edition if you’re going to put the time in on the PC, but if you’re going to swap straight over to PS4 at launch of SFV it might be worth holding on to your pennies.

I’m in a similar boat and currently running a RAPVX through my PC, but will be stepping up to the similar-but-shinier RAPV4 at launch.


That pretty much almost any PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one stick. None of them are intended for PC but many of us got the stick to work on it.
You could dual-mod in the future


Yeah, they’re seldom PC-purposed, but at worst you’re a driver or a button config away from getting them to work. My understanding of the Xbone Atrox is that you need to actually fluke it into life by swapping out a standard controller upon start-up.


I really, really like the Atrox shell. It’s heavy and the slight slant at the bottom is perfect imo. That being said, I would look for a decent deal. $200 is a lot, especially if you plan on modding it down the road (although, this stick is great fro that, too).

As for the cable, I would go ahead and use a non removable cable or a neutrik adapter, since afaik Razer’s cables are proprietary and they do NOT sell spare ones.


Also none of the manufacturers (Hori, Mad Catz, Razer ect) will support there console sticks on the PC. They will state the stick isn’t compatible on the PC and only should be used for it’s intended console. This is mostly for legal liability reasons. As they are not going to provide support for something that the product was not “intended” to do.
The one exception if the Stick/Packaging on the stick is clearly labeled as PC compatible (this don’t include Asian grey market sticks which will tout their controllers and sticks as PC compatible any ways).

So far the only stick out of the box that clams to support PC is the NEW Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai for Xbox One, which claims its compatible for XB1, XB 360 and PC.