Razer Atrox XbOne USFIV Issue

Hi everyone, just want to start by saying thank you for any help in advance and hopefully I’m posting in the correct section, if I’m not I apologize.

Anyways, I just picked up a new Xbox One Razer Atrox stick which was mainly going to be used for my PC to play USFIV. Upon plugging it in, my computer recognized the controller almost instantaneously but my USFIV on steam did not, so here are the list of steps I’ve done so far:
[] I have automatically updated drivers but was told the newest ones were already installed
] Plugged it into another USB port.
[*] Revert back to 6.2 drivers back from May or July where finally USFIV recognized the controller

Dandy right? No not just yet, after playing through trials, I realized my RT and LT was not working. I searched online and realized this was a common occurrence but I cannot for the life of me find the fix. For now I have currently physically remapped my LB to the RT which gives me the 6 button function but I realize it would be so much easy to do a 8 button layout like the stick was designed to do. For all intents and purposes I love this stick, it’s absolutely easy to modify and took me 3 minutes to remap the wiring, but I really would like to get my Triggers working. I called Razer but they weren’t sure if they can give me a fix either. Please guys, I really would like to get my stick fully functional but I could deal with the 6 button layout for now. Hope to hear some feedback, thanks.

Please use the sticky threads next time instead of making a new one.

There’s no fix to make Triggers work on PC for Xbox One sticks; even the TE2 has this issue. The drivers are meant for official Xbox One gamepads, and the way triggers register inputs on a pad is different from how they register on a stick. It’s up to Microsoft to make drivers that support trigger inputs on a stick, but they don’t care enough about it, even with KI for PC inbound. It’s not up to Razer or MadCatz to make drivers. Either stick with the rewire, dual mod with a PCB thats 8 button compatible on PC or sell the Atrox and get a different stick that works 8 button on PC out of the box.

It’s not like you need 8 buttons anyway, to be really quite honest. Save yourself some trouble and money and just keep the 6-button rewire.

i can’t get my atrox to work with fightcade :frowning: