Razer Atrox (XBox One): Change physical button layout


In interesting in modding my Razer Atrox (XBone version). I want to change the button layout from the default vewlix layout.

My first choice is to change the buttons (kick/punchs, not the joystick) to the hitbox layout, including changing the size to 24mm.

The second choice is the Namco Noir layout, like the eTokki Omni has (which are 30mm buttons):

From the construction of the Atrox, it seems that I would need to change holes of the top plexy-glass, as well as the panel below the plexy to which the buttons and the joystick attach. The following picture is a little dark, but it shows the button attachment pannel is removable:

Anyone has tips on how I could get the panels for this mod: the top plexy and the button attachment panel?

If there’s a different way I could go about this mod, I’m open to suggestions.


You can cut the plexi yourself but I don’t think anyone is making metal panels anymore aside from Jasen who is only doing it for certain sticks. If you make the plexi holes in such a way that each 24mm plexi hole is centred within each 30mm metal panel hole then the plexi /might/ be enough to hold the buttons in. If you’re using screw in buttons it should hold but idk bout snap ins, or if it’s even gonna have any effect on the plexi.


The button panel is plastic, if that makes any difference. I thought about what you suggested: having the 24mm in the location of the current buttons. But, that wouldn’t work well for various reasons, including for the position in which they would endup being.

I’m surprise that the Fightstick manufacturers, like Razer/Madcatz/Hori, don’t off replacement layouts like this. That seems like just a tiny bit extra work, and they could make more money from enthusiasts wanting to try different button layouts.


For some reason I thought it was metal. Derp.

MadCatz offered (idk if they still do) a noir panel for the TE2 but like you said it only appeals to people who care enough about different layouts to change it, which isn’t much since most people have just adapted to Vewlix.

Your other option is to invest in a custom stick and sell the Atrox if 30mm Vewlix layout is really driving you insane.


The Vewlix layout isn’t bad; I can definetly live with it. I’m just trying to optimize my stick as much as possible. I looked at customs like the Panzer, but Yikes!!! Mucho dinero!


I ordered a Atrox yesterday and I intend to make a second panel for Stickless, change some button colors and I’ll be tearing in to it extensively if you like to make a tear down/mod post for it let me know.

I’m not a big fan of the stick, but for the price I got it was cheaper than ordering the parts separately, i’m guessing there is a metal panel under that plexi so it might be limited with what I can actually end up doing with it.



If you got the 360 version of the Atrox yesterday, there was a really good deal on it on Amazon for $79. If that’s the one you got, good buy.

I have the XBox One version, but I think the 360 is the same in this point: the panel underneath the plexi is plastic, not metal.

Yes, please make a post of your mod. I’m very interesting, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Yep it’s the 360 version. I don’t console anymore, I play on PC and if we don’t get a release I skip it.


The original panel is metal sandwiched between two layers of plastic, the plexy holding the art and the plastic under panel.
I am not sure how it’s changed with the Xbox One version. I know the beta test version has a metal panel.

Are you sure it’s all plastic?


Just checked. It’s 2 pieces of plastic. There is no metal panel in between the plexi and button panel.


So Razer strikes again with cutting more corners.


Does anyone know where i can get a metal panel for Madcatz TE2 in the Hitbox layout? Or if there are alternatives to using metal for that same purpose on my fight stick as there may be other materials which may be easier to work with - wood for example?


Sell it or buy a hitbox


No one is currently selling one. If you want to go the DIY route, you can have your own made based of the dimensions off the original panel.
Or just buy the Hitbox