Razer Atrox (XBox One): Support for left-stick / right-stick buttons?

The left and right sticks of XBone controllers have buttons, which are activated by pushing into the sticks.

Has anyone look into whether the default PCB that comes installed with the Razor Atrox (XBone version) supports RightStick and LeftStick buttons. If possible, I’d like to mod two 24mm buttons to the Atrox, to act as these buttons.

Those buttons are useful in Street Fight V, for shortcuts.

They are often referred to as L3 and R3, after their PlayStation counterparts. Some Mad Catz and Hori controllers now include them.
Taking the stock Atrox PCB into account, there no where to tap on the PCB to add those buttons.

Unless you are playing Street Fighter V on the PC you don’t need a Xbox stick.

Do you already have a Atrox?

What games you play on and what systems?

The newer releases of Hori PS4 sticks does include a Xinput mode for PC and they have your requested R3 and L3 buttons without modding anything.
The Mad Catz PS4 sticks do have Xinput drivers and R3 and L3 buttons.

I do have an Atrox. I play on PC. Although I have various fighters (on Steam), I only play Street Fighter V.

Dang, too bad the PCB doesn’t support L3/R3.
Thanks for the response.

Please don’t make seperate threads for each question you have. Try asking in the Q&A thread.

Isn’t that the very purpose of threads? That each thread is about a specific topic/subject. What you’re suggesting is counter intuitive. I would think that people searching the forum would benefit from having threads which focus on specific subject, as those threads would be concise.

I don’t agree with your comment.

Actually it is a forum rule to put small one time questions in the Q&A thread.
Reasons are logistical more than anything else. Alot of people frequent the Q&A thread, people who are knowledgeable and want to help.
Multiple threads on small one or two questions actually makes it alot harder to people to respond and keep track of, especially the moderators.
Making a new thread are more for larger scope on going topics.

Example: questions like yours should be in the Q and A thread, while if you actually figured out how to get the L3 and R3 out of the Atrox PCB and have a guide, procedure or list on instructions, that would warrant it’s own thread. Making a work log of your Atrox modding would also warrant a thread, but it needs to be more than just asking about adding two buttons.

Now if you gut out your stock PCB, and install another PCB that has R3 and L3 support would work.
Example the original MS Xbox One game pad PCB or the Brook Universal Fighting Board has R3 and L3 support as well as Xinput support for PC games that require it.

Documenting how you found a solution and how you perform your own mods is worthy of having your own thread.


I’ll keep this in mind for next time. Though, I didn’t see any mentions in the forums rules about what you mentioned above, so I’ll guess that’s “institutional knowledge”.

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