Razer Atrox (xbox one)


I lucked out and was able to score an Atrox during the Razer 50% off sale and it arrives today so trying to figure out my options for it. I don’t have a PS4 but my buddy does so will be playing SF5 on my PC and his PS4. Also play KI on the one. Should I just preorder the new Brook board and swap out the xbox one pcb? Or get the PS3/PS4 Brook board and dual mod with the xbox one board if that is even possible. I know the atrox has shared ground. I am thinking the easiest way is to bite the bullet and get the new Brook that plays all 4 systems and not worry about it. Less than $200 for a stick that plays on all current and last gen systems seems like a deal.


Are you asking for advice or confirmation?

Also what are you underlining goals for this Mod.


The easiest thing would be to get a Brook Xbone > PS4 USB adapter. Look it up…


I am looking for advice. I basically just want to be able to play xbox one and PC which are my main with the occasional PS4. I know only 6 buttons work when using xbox one sticks on PC so looking for a way to be able to use all buttons.


Afaik the brook universal pcb can do 360 mode witch would give you 8 buttons on pc. From what ive seen though, the board switches to xbox one mode on pc, so theres a chance ud only get 6 buttons (same as the razer xbone pcb). That said i would expect brook to release a firmware that alows forcing into 360 mode on pc.

Its also worth noting that theres rumours that ms will update their drivers when KI releases on pc, giving 8 buttons on any xbox one stick