Razer Looking To Join The Arcade Stick Market


Saw this on the front page Article, Figured it could use a thread.

Tweeted From Min-Liang Tan CEO of Razer:
“Given how we have designed the first tournament ready XBox controller, maybe it’s time to design a REAL tournament fightstick.”

@Amperture Well, it can’t be anything less than Sanwa, Seimitsu or Razer engineered if we actually make an arcade stick, right?”

What do you guys feel they can do to improve on the TE stick and set themselves apart?



If they make a stick that’s somewhat affordable and can house an iL Comp inside.

Or maybe a Korean stick.

I’d love a Fanta + Crown buttons stick with an Astro layout.


Aside from Hori and Madcatz, the only ther company that makes reliable line ups of arcade sticks is Qanba. Being from China, I couldn’t really expect much from them until looking into their products and trying one out. What sets them apart from the 2 big companies is quality and absolute bang for the buck, most of their sticks offer wood case, thick plexi glass and Sanwa parts. Their latest stick(Q4) sorta resembles a HRAP V series stick but what sets them apart is that it’s triple compatible(PC, 360 and PS3) for MSRP at $159(plastic case though).

I dunno, there’s really not much to do in the world of arcade sticks except to make Hitbox style sticks mainstream…?



Seimitsu please!


I hope it’s an LS-56 instead of the usual LS-32


I find it amusing that it was SRK who first informed me that he actually responded to my twuut.

Other than that, I could only think of maybe going off in some weird direction, like using Cherry MX Blue microswitches in their buttons or some crap.

…actually that might be kinda cool.


If they use Cherries, they better be blacks or browns, not blues.


it will be interesting to see what they can ante up,eh?!


If they can make a Fightstick with reprogrammable buttons, and some way to swap the layout of the buttons/stick with ease then it could easily be beast. Remember those crappy plastic picture puzzles you would get from cereal boxes.

<— Like this but buttons.

If this somehow catches on I claim credit and royalties. lol :smiley:


Browns for that feather touch you get out of sanwas, or blues to ANNOY THE FUCK out of players with “Keno ears”.


EDIT: Oh god, I can see it now. Evo 2012, everyone using Hit Boxes with Cherry Blue buttons. Better yet some sort of buckling spring mechanism like the old Model M or Customizer.

I don’t agree with Blacks.


They are normally aiming for better precision so why not go with making their own optical joystick. And maybe some optical buttons as well. These kind of products should get them some attention.


Oh god buckling spring or even black alps switches. Jesus.

I feel like making a hitbox with some cherry blues, I’d bottom out all day erry day.



Anyway, I’m curious where Razer goes with this.


I’m not looking forward to this, I think it’s a dumb movement for them.
Because MadCatz is dominating that market at the moment.
I’m also sure markman knows more about what players what in a
arcadestick then they ever will because he has that experience.
Unless they can find someway to hire markman they will fail.


I agree with you here. Honestly, if razer does decide to do this, they’re going to need alot of R&D. Besides to be honest, I think they need to work on releasing their first console peripheral before thinking about new ones ( The razer Onza ). Then work on a exact duplicate with a Sony label slapped on it.


This is exactly why they need to try to break in. Competition is always a good thing. Maybe if they put out something good, MadCatz will stop milking the current TE/TE “S” and come up with a proper successor.

Also, if they need someone from here to rep them, I recommend JDM714.



I think I just had a “GET OUT OF MY HEAD, CHARLES!” moment.

Say hi, SRK. Razer’s CEO is watching you.


Ok Razer CEO. Make a stick that can mount Japanese and American sticks and I’ll pre-order one.


I’m not here to defend MarkMan OR Mad Catz,

but honestly the TE’s have only been out for two years!

Specific car model designs are generally out in the marketplace for 3-4 years before redesigns come out…!

I think the problem here is that people are expecting more than what’s reasonable.

A) most people are satisfied with one or two joysticks, tops. They don’t buy more sticks just for collecting or customizations’ sake.
B) there are still plenty of people who’ve never bought a quality parts joystick… There’s nothing wrong with sticking to designs that are two years-old for newbies and altering artwork and colors. MvC3 and the latest Hori sticks may not necessarily be aimed at people who have last year’s joystick. There is a kind of self-centeredness that creeps into older fans over time…
C) the chances of a joystick coming out that is compatible with “American” (Happ is Chinese now, guys – there’s no American manufacturer left for producing arcade parts) or Korean parts is ultra slim-to-none.
Korean parts are NOT compatible with 30mm button holes because a lot of the Korean buttons are smaller, and it’s very difficult to fit Korean and “American” joysticks into cabinets that are too shallow for proper mounting.
Korean and Happ-compatibility would just complicate case design and make them more expensive to put out.
I can forsee the release of a limited edition TE-SE (all-Seimitsu) joystick before seeing a quadruply parts-compatible case. It’s just not happening… The chances of an all-Seimitsu case being released in the US is also virtually nonexistent, too.