Razer Makes New 360 Pad

Razer Onza controller gives you serious edge on Xbox 360 | DVICE

Not sure if it has relevance to fighting games since it’s pretty obviously being marketed to FPS players, but I think that the D-Pad could be a pad player’s dream, since it has each direction as a separate button, instead of that bunk floating design that standard 360 and Fightpads use. Wired with gold usb connector is also a plus.

On an unrelated note, I used to have the SWEETEST snes pad for SF, Amazon.com: Triax Turbo Touch 360 Super Nintendo SNES Controller: Video Games . Only downfall was it gave me the WORST QCF blisters.


i’ll stick with a fightpad. i cant stand using trigger/shoulder buttons for fighting games (unless your playing a 4button game).

haha, this thing looks reeaaaal cool in its appearence and I get the feelin that it would feel sooo nice on the hands! OooO… when does it comes out, hopefully b4 the new xbox hits(lol)… could see it bein a pain over live, like Geif in Ex mode(CvS2) but Id use it for shoots… does look nasty

is this like the one jwong was advertising last year? The one with like turbo buttons or something?

You know, there’s not even that much to fix with the 360 pad:

  • Make the D-Pad more precise
  • Move the D-Pad to the left so that the Thumb joint can reach the center of the pad while holding it properly (a la PS2, Super Nintento, Wii Classic Controller, Saturn Controller, etc.)

That controller MIGHT fix the first issue, and it clearly doesn’t fix the second issue. I’ll pass.

Ah…yeah I stick this one. D-pad is reasonable only trigger sucks and not to many fighter’s rely on that either.

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I like that style d-pad. I’d buy one of those if i hadn’t already invested time and money into a stick.

Also why has no one discussed the Triax AWESOMENESS?!?


Doesn’t look any better than the old Saturn d-pad.

Also, why isn’t this in Tech Talk?

Any word on the release of this?

So it looks like this is actually coming out pretty soon. Anyone else planning to pick one up?

I was actually seriously considering picking one of these up. I like how you can change the tension on the sticks, but I already have 3 Xbox controllers and don’t think I need another one.

Ah yes.
The pad so good, the MLG banned it.
You can reassign buttons on the pad, and it has 4 bumpers (as well as 2 triggers).

MLG rules:
"“Players may not use a controller with Turbo capabilities, Button Mapping capabilities, or Wireless capabilities, and they may not use a Play and Charge Kit. Controllers with Turbo capabilities allow Players to press a button that results in their Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press the same button multiple times. Controllers with Button Mapping capabilities allow Players to map a button sequence to a specific button. Pressing that button results in their Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press multiple buttons.”"

While the Razer Onza does not have turbo/macros, MLG still decided to pre-emptivly ban it from their competitions.
One of the reasons was “it COULD be modified for turbo” :rofl:

Interview: Razer on the Onza and the MLG | Press | Razer? | For Gamers. By Gamers.? |

Incidentally, MadCatz seem to have an MLG license for controllers…

I’ve gotten used to the d-pad, frankly. I’m not sure it’s any more precise than the stick, but I’ve gotten accustomed to the regular controller. I stopped going to arcades as well. Just not any point in this town.

Where are people getting these? I want one of these.

They where available for pre-order on Razers site but are currently unavailable. Would still recommend watching their site for when they become available as I haven’t seen them elsewhere.

I can find kits to mod stock Xbox 360 and PS3 dual Shock controllers for turbo, are MLG going to ban them too?
I agree MLG are fucking ass clowns, some of the stuff they band is ridiculous. Not that I was ever a fan of Razer.

Kind of off-topic, but . . . .
MLG ain’t helping themselves by not having some kind of official statement. If you want to get their side you have to wade through their forums, which they recently broke all the links to. But a summary

So Razer is either great for making what they believe is the best possible product despite MLG, or jerks for willfully ignoring MLG.

On the one hand, I find this a fascinating series of lies & half-truths.

On the other hand, it’s about FPS games.
So I’m not sure why I give a shit.

I’m quite curious on how this will perform for fighting games. I’ve heard both sides of the story from testers… one said it was clunky for fighters, another said he preferred it because it was more precise.

I’m a pad player, been through the stick route, etc… but in the end… I just feel more comfortable with a pad (all those years playing SF2 on SNES).

I’ve tried the MadCatz Fightpad, went through 2 of them… so not a fan of the durability (or just my dumb luck) and the really floaty control pad (though I could live with it if durability wasn’t an issue).

Also tried the PDP Marvel control pad… returned it the next day because the micro-switch nub is too sensitive at times I don’t want it and not responsive enough when I want rapid movements (dashing and double-tapping is a pain).

I like the Hori EX2, but the control pad is just a tad too stiff and the buttons are too small and layout is awkward.

So here is hoping Onza works out well.