Razer naga epic vs mamba


So I want to buy a razer mouse that is wireless. I’m tied up between the mamba and the naga epic. I play both FPS and MMORPG games, such as battlefield 3 and WoW.

I’ve never owned a gaming mouse before, and have been using a microsoft mobile mouse 6000 for the past 4 years. One thing I liked about the mamba is that it is quite simple and is similar to my current mouse, in which it has 2 extra buttons, which I’m hoping to be able to configure to move back and forth between web pages. As for the naga, it has a whole sh*tload of buttons and a lot more lights haha. The naga looks small, but I doubt I would have any problems with it since I am already used to using a mobile mouse everyday. Any suggestions on what I should go and experiences would be greatly appreciated.


lol i have both and they are both pretty sweet.

if you play a lot of MMOs just get the naga, if you got some big hands the naga comes with adjustable side pieces to make it fit your grip. also with the crapload of buttons, you have have it set to go back and forth through your web browser and a bunch of other crap.

if you play a lot of FPS games get the mamba. The high dpi is really nice to have. its a little bit longer than the naga so your grip is going to feel a bit different. you shouldn’t consider the mamba if you’re not going to use any dpi settings higher than 5400 though. if you’re going to use 5400 or less dpi you might as well pick up a naga just to kill two birds with one stone.