Razer Onza vs Onza TE

What is the difference between these two models? at least on their site i haven’t been able to find some description between either one. Anybody care to elaborate?


Seems like adjustable resistance analog sticks and backlit buttons. But that’s all I can tell from quickly glancing at those two links…

Your search fu is weak

you would be better off getting a ps2 controller with adapters. the razer onza controllers often break and dont have very good reviews.

I haven’t had my TE onza break on me at all.
Been using it since it came out.

Don’t use it for fighters though, Dpad isn’t great for fighting games, but its good for switching weapons~

yeah sorry, right after i posted this thread, i was like god Damn it!

turns out the adjustable resistance and backlight are the only difference.

this is actually a better link:


but in case somebody else is looking for that same question, hopefully this thread is a good reference.

The MadCatz MLG controller is a lot more interesting. However, I think it costs quite a bit more and I have no idea on the reliability or how good it is for fighting games.

The thing about the MLG controller is that its not out yet, and i haven’t read anywhere an estimated release date

its already out
its been out for like 3months

it’s on preorder status as of right now on the gameshark store (360 version), ps3 version is out. I could have sworn i saw both on preorder status last week. but i just checked and that’s pretty much it, 360 is on pre order

My opinion, I would pass on both then again I consider Razer more eye-candy than anything that will be reliable.

i have the TE version all i can say its not ment for fighting games even as a anlog player back in the day it just doesn’t work out but hey that programmable button makes a great R3 L3.