Razer Panthera Users - Did your stick ever "Momochi" on you?

I’m looking around for arcade sticks to see how many are still sold in my country and found a Panthera for $250. I’ve started looking for brand new and want to give premade sticks a chance cause the hori mini 4 has knock-off buttons and Zippy switches lower quality than Sanwa.
I also found a Rap 4 Kai for $157 and don’t know which to buy, I intend to buy the Razer stick unless people “force” me out of it (show me proof that the stick will “die” in my hands).
Thank you!

No one has to Prove anything, read the reviews, and ether follow what they suggest or don’t.

Hori Mini and the Razer Panthera is not a good comparison.

Thanks yet again for the advice, I already have the Hori Mini and found listings for brand new Rap 4 Kai’s and Razer Panthera’s.
Was referring to the fact not all premade sticks are bad cause the Hori Mini has knockoff buttons and want to give the stick market another chance before I make one myself.

Just put the hori mini 4 pcb in to a decent stick that you already have like a round 1 TE and be done with it

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The Panthera uses a different connector than then Atrox (which is the stick that famously disconnected during Evo grand finals). The Panthera connector is actually the same as the one that’s used on the TE2, albeit with a different pinout. They are pretty reliable. If the Panthera is the stick that you really like and you can comfortably afford it, I’d recommend going for it – it’s very nice overall.

I have had the panthera since it came out and haven’t had any issues with it. I use it for all samurai shodown games only. Changed the buttons to clear neo geo color scheme and bat top with round gate. Been a happy customer since.