Razer Raion Fightpad

I don’t want to bash MarkMan, but he was pissed when I told him that the MadCatz Fightpad Pro looked terrible for fighting games when it was first announced. It turned out I was right.

The face buttons seem too low if you’re going to press them with your thumb.

I guess the placement of the buttons is fine if you play like this

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It boggles mind that companies are releasing expensive controllers with next gen consoles launching next year.

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They’re counting on their peripherals working on PS5/XBox 9000 from day one.

Still, anything over $150 on a controller is definitely niche. And I’m saying that having paid $175 for a XBox elite controller. And you know Razer is gonna mark this up like a motherfucker.

It’s $99 USD, it’s already available on their web site. I’m getting the PowerA Fusion Fightpad, which looks better, I’ll wait for reviews.

Yeah but even when consoles are backward compatible, the controllers usually the one thing that don’t work. Outside of the Wii U, what console actually could use the prior gen controllers out of the box?

MS has gone on record and said that current Xbox peripherals will work on Scarlett. Dunno about PS5 though.

they don’t even have a proper name for the console yet (XBOX SECOND)and you telling me their peripherals are going to be compatible with the nex gen console I dunno.

MS had said alot of shit the transition from X360 to Xbone, and thought he Xbone’s life cycle that MS had to quickly backpedal on. MS also that their next Gen console will have no optical drive (or at least there a budget version next-gen console with no Optical drive)

I would take what MS said with a grain of Salt.

Good Point.

I highly doubt MS will make any of their controllers forwards compatible as it would rob them of sales of new peripherals and accessories.

So I got the controller and my first impressions are not good.

The d-pad is missing a center pivot, it’s constantly skipping inputs when you try to pull off special moves that require half-circle inputs. It’s fine for qcf, but I’m currently playing a lot of KOF XIII and it’s struggling with a lot moves.

The face buttons are way too sensitive, they will register an input almost as soon as I place my thumb on them without actually pressing them.

The shoulder buttons are positioned in an angle that are not very ideal for fighting games, I don’t like the feeling I get when pressing them.

If you only play shotos or new fighting games that have input leniency, I guess this controller could be fine, but it would still not be worth the retail price. Get the Hori Fighting Commander or the Power Fusion Fightpad instead.


It’s the Madcatz fightpad pro all over again. I have nothing against MarkMan, but this is the 2nd time he was involved with the marketing of a fightpad and it turned out to be trash.

It’s like the d-pad has to return to neutral every tiime after I press a direction, otherwise it will ignore the next input.

I play with Ex Iori in KOF 13, one of his special moves is half circle back + kick, the move doesn’t come out most of the times if I slide my thumb. It will work if I press each direction individually (forward, down, back + kick rapidly), that’s hard to do during a combo string because sliding my thumb would be much quicker.

It’s fine for MK11 because I only need to tap the directions for the special moves.