Razer Sabertooth: Could it be the best all around controller?


Micro-switch (I believe) buttons, a PS style cross d-pad, 6 extra programmable buttons (two along up top and two rocker switches underneath) with memory for two profiles, analog stick sensativity adjustment, and back-lit face buttons. The screen at the bottom is OLED and is used for programming the pad.


I know that Tech Talk focuses mainly on sticks. I myself own two (BlazBlue TE Stick and the T6 Hori stick) but not every game us SRKers play, play well on sticks (high octane action titles like Bayonetta or Beat-Em Ups like Anarchy Reigns or shooters like Vanquish and shmups that are designed for the 360 pad).

The first Onza caught a lot of flack for the tall analog sticks due to the tension dial on them and the extra button and Start/Back button placements weren’t so great. And some didn’t like the D-pad either. This Sabertooth controller is even more expensive but pretty much all the Onza complaints have been addressed with the Sabertooth.

I don’t own this controller yet but I plan to buy it as my go to 360/PC pad (no special software for mapping keyboard or mouse inputs though) around late February and as a replacement to my Hori 360 pad (6 face buttons sounded great in theory but the design of the controller and most of the components feel cheaper than Microsoft’s offerings).

If anyone gets one before then I’d love to read your impressions. Especially since most reviewers of the pad aren’t that into fighters. I imagine though that it’ll be better than any pad for the 360.


I have to admit, I am very hopeful for this controller. Back when they first came out, I got to try out a friend’s Onza Tournament Edition before the left thumbstick finally broke. I thought it was an incredibly good controller, albeit with the same problems people have been talking about like the D-Pad, placement of Start/Back buttons, and the fragility of the analog sticks. If they kept that same level of quality and also took the opportunity to fix those issues and give it new triggers, I’m very excited! I’m hoping that D-Pad is as good as it looks in pictures, especially for the sake of fighting games.


That DPad looks horrible for fighters. Speaking of which, I really wish they copied the swappable DPad/LStick option from the MLG Pro Circuit pad.


Interesting. Has some neat features for sure (reprogrammable buttons, profiles, additional configuration options).
Though as it stands, I’d pick the MLG Pro Circuit controller over it. Like d3v brought up, I personally feel that the swappable modules from the MLG controller trump the additional functionality present in the Razer Sabertooth.


What the bloody FUCK is so hard about remaking the controller for the SEGA Saturn with analog sticks and better shoulder buttons?


Remaking the Sega Saturn controller. :frowning:


I’m sure SEGA still has the blueprint somewhere.


in this thread: people saying controller meaning pad


80’s/90’s kids call 'em controllers, but get this…THEY BOTH MEAN THE SAME THING! SURPRISE!


Wow that video was terrible. Thanks for throwing in the random dubstep at 3x the volume of the rest of the video Razer.


Razer should apply a zero drug policy for their video staff.
International Olympic Committee should do the same for their art dept, if their athletes can’t take roids, then the artist shouldn’t smoke pot.


I don’t wanna see anymore of these over expensive controllers with 99999 functions I don’t need.

Please, 6 buttons, Saturn’s d-pad design 2 analog sticks 2 nice shoulder buttons some nice triggers a toggle to switch between the 5th/6th button and the shoulder buttons.

I don’t need to program shit, I don’t care if it’s wireless who designed whatever dumbass logo is on it, what color it glows how glossy it looks or how much crappy dubstep you pack into your promotion.

I’m done venting now. Make it happen companies.


They don’t at all.


Let’s have your definiton of controller.

I see Americans use the term controller and Japanese pad.


IMO the term ‘controller’ could refer to either stick or pad. I don’t have a problem with it being used in this example.


I always took it to be:
Controller = all encompassing term for an input device typically used for video games
Pad = controller that includes a d-pad type of directional input

Which is why you can refer to a SNES or Dual Shock type input device as controllers or pads but an arcade stick or a flight stick falls under a controller only (and not a pad)?


I’d be curious to hear Markman on this one as that seems like the sort of thing that Madcatz might have patented. I’m also curious how the extra buttons would work in a tournament environment as for a game like UMvC3 I’d imagine a great benefit to be had by having redundant buttons.


All sticks are controllers, but not all controllers are sticks.


That’s right.
Technically, the general term of “controller” is a large bucket that includes control pads, joysticks, motion controllers, dance pads, music controllers, etc.

However, in common use, it would be hard to find someone who would think of anything other than a control pad if you said “controller” to them. I mean, even just doing a Google image search on “controller”; from the first 100 results, we get 1 joystick (SNES Super Advantage), ~4 non-game-related controllers (voltage controller, PCI controller, etc). The other ~95 results are all control pads. I don’t think it’s unfair to use “controller” and “control pad” relatively interchangeably most of the time.


Getting back on topic…

I own an Onza and I don’t even use it that much and the triggers have gone dodgy rather quick, I hear Razer dropped the ball a bit on it compared to their PC peripherals, I use a Razer mouse and keyboard and I just can’t say a bad word about them. It looks interesting for sure, they’ve clearly looked at criticism with the extra buttons on the shoulders being moved. Obviously there’s design cues from other FPS controllers, I wouldn’t really say this is a fight pad.

Though it does spark ones curiosity that the similarities between the Razer stick and Madcatz products and now this controller’s similarity to the MLG one made by Madcatz, probably just me seeing things though.