Razor's edge nerfed to 100 dmg?



Assuming the eventhubs data is correct. I was originally going to comment on how the move seems rather redundant at high level play. It seems even more scarce than seeing an SBF land; it’s too slow and you can be knocked out of it by any low move. And now I learn that its damage has been reduced too? That’s insane. I get the feeling they had decided all cammy’s juggles were somehow too powerful and so nerfed them, since you can FADC->dp after the slide; but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done in a fight, ever.

While Cammy’s super incarnation is overall more powerful, I HATE ill-thought-out nerfs that make certain options completely redundant; every tool the character has should retain some purpose. Her ultra damage is horrible now without the full animation, and razor’s edge seems the new SBF in terms of uselessness. Any condition where razor’s edge will hit will also work for hooligan grab, which comes out much sooner (yet even that can be punished on reaction) and does 30 or 40 more damage! If I can see the problem here why didn’t the people in charge of tweaking her?


What’s razor’s edge?


Hooligan Roll’s slide attack, which can be focused easily if predicted.


How is the move redundant? Also what is a “super incarnation?”


I’ve explained why it’s redundant in the post. Super incarnation means the version of Cammy in SSF4.


No not really you just said the move is redundant at high level play. How does the move exceed necessity at high level play? I think it’s more along the lines of it being useless not really exceeding necessity because who knows what moves will be necessary to defeat your opponent before you play them. I could fight Diago and if I notice I could take advantage with a certain move then that makes it necessary.

Are you trying to say that the nerf is what is redundant because that’s not right either. A buff would have been “redundant.” They obviously made changes to everyone and it seems like it worked because a lot of people seem to think Cammy has gotten better in this game.

I really don’t see why you started a new thread just to rant about something that no one gives a crap about anyway. Next time use the general discussion to complain like I do. Oh and keep it classy and don’t bother writing a response. It would only serve to diminish whatever credibility and dignity you have left. Good day sir. :china:


This is probably why. In a truly balanced, good game, there mustn’t be any sort of useless stuff.

I agree with OP. Razor’s Edge is basically 99% useless. I might just do it once or twice in a winning match to remind myself that Cammy has this useless move.

SBF is ok, but it’s so slow, I can’t possibly see it hitting or even getting blocked against good players with at least an average reaction speed.


EDIT: Never mind~


I couldn’t agree more. It can be fairly useless. It does have it’s purpose though in some cases. And Caruga you didn’t deserve that man sorry to be such a d-bag.


The only time I used Razor’s edge in Super was when I was frametrapped by Fei Long’s Ultra 2. I wish that move didn’t exist.



Razor’s Edge is a surprize attack that you can use if you don’t want to get out of hooligan.

If you’re close to a corner, you don’t need to FADC CannonSpike … you can just Cannon Spike directly.

Also, its quite fun to land that Razor’s Edge into Ultra 1… I did it once… haha. one time.


And… how is it nerf’ed?

According to eventhubs frame data the damage on Hooligan Slide for Vanilla is the same as Super.


I use it really when someone back dashes my Hooligan. If I can’t grab them I can still sometimes punish their dashes. Also, random thing about Hooligan, can you choose which side the EX one will land beside my opponent when I’m trying to throw cancel by just holding the side I want to land on?




Razor’s edge beats Abel’s ultra 2 even though it doesn’t break armor.

Shenanigans or practicality, choose!


I think if you cancel very early and the distance is enough you’ll end up on the opposite side? I’ll check it out tonight.


It doesn’t.
Razor’s Edge is airborne right up until its hitting frame, so Abel whiffs if he releases too early.


No, you were right the first time. Razor’s Edge sucks. Since down back kills 2 birds with one stone (BOTH hooligan scenarios can be stopped by this), this move is terrible. I have used it, ummm 4 times in 300 matches maybe. Its Highly punishable on block, and extremely predictable, especially if its not EX (and who the hell would ever do EX Hooligan > razor Edge slide?).

I dont give a shit what the damage is, its not a huge dealbreaker to me. honestly, if they had changed razor’s edge to deal 0 damage, hell, I wouldnt have even noticed.


I was going to berate you for this but then I realised you’re actually right (I actually thought eventhubs had made an error and booted the game to check). I was under the impression all three versions did 120 damage, I had it in my head it did 10 less than the throw. I think what may have happened is I had counter-hit mode or maskless vega in training room a long time ago and noted the damage incorrectly, and never revised the information since. How embarassing.

Still noone can say they see this move landed often against an opponent with any experience against Cammy. I should have made this thread about her redundant juggles in general since that’s what mainly bugs me. A lot of the combos that were good in vanilla are poor now. There are a number of ways they could fix it:

  1. juggle ultra goes into full animation, or bulk of ultra damage is moved back to where it was
  2. spike does more (original?) damage when hitting an opponent in juggle-state.

I just get the feeling they didn’t think through all the implications her dp and ultra nerfs would have.


^ just want to correct the information here. Razor slide is -1 on block, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to punish on block, but while it’s coming out, it is quite slow, so you can mash DP before it hits.

I sometimes use razor slide as a negative frame trap against DP mashers. Because its -1 on block, against DP mashers, with C Spike coming out at 5 frames along with 5 frames of invulnerable frames, it will beat most regular DPs except EX DP from shotos/sagat/Seth due to their huge invulnerable frames…


They should add a version where you can choose to have it hit high rather than low. At least then maybe it’ll be closer to a dive kick like Akuma’s or Gouken’s, albeit still quite slow and react-able.