RB and RT to the left of LB and LT on sticks?


Why is it so common to have the right shoulder buttons to the left of the left shoulder buttons? I would guess its so that people have to change controller settings less often since most games assign HP and HK to the right shoulder buttons, but it still seems weird. Especially when I’m trying to navigate capcom’s icon/status menus.


Default button layout.
On a controller the right bumper/trigger/buttons activate the heavy attacks (means they’re on the right side of the controller), to make things easier to configure for stick you would map it to work as controller a so you don’t need to change it from default config. What signals the buttons activate is arbitrary on a stick, its all just push buttons, so may as well make it less work.


It’s a carry over from the PS1/PS2 pads. Pad warriors used R1 and R2 for the other two buttons not on the face so they could play claw style on the four face buttons, putting L1 and L2 out of reach.


That’s what I was thinking. Pads ruined everything.

I suppose I could easily rewire the buttons in just about any stick I own…


Get an MvC2 TE then since the shoulder buttons are wired differently in that one.


Or you can just rewire the stick


What is this 8-button madness?


The older Hori layouts had L1/L2 on the left of the 4 face buttons, and R1/R2 on the right side of the face buttons…