RB button not working/resistance

Hi, hope this is the right place to put this.

Just finished building my arcade stick using an official wireless common ground 360 controller, and the RB button doesn’t seem to be working. It does connect as I checked it continuity tester. The original click button works fine, it just doesn’t work when I connect the signal to ground. I then tested the resistance between the ground and the signal of each button, and they all appeared to be around 16 mega ohms, except the RB terminals which it says are not linked at all (unless I press the button).

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Do you have a pic? And is there any chance you hooked up the ground and not the signal line? Sometimes I forget that there both on the left side http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram3.jpg.

May get a pic up soon. No chance it’s on the wrong bit, I already made that mistake :p. It does occasionally work, just now I unscrewed the PCB and it started working, but now it isn’t again.

I think I’ll try just using it’s ground, I don’t think it likes common.

did you remove the 2 triggers or you left them alone?

Well, the extra ground didn’t solve anything. Both triggers have been removed and a 10k resistor put in place. (using them as buttons, they work fine)

Two possibilites, you have a bad solder, remove and redo. or your quick disconnect is crimped badly.

The joints all looked solid, but I resoldered anyway, and think I lifted the pad. Soldered to the alternative point below, and it appears to be working for now. :slight_smile: