from time to time my friends and i dig up on some random old fighting game just for shits and giggles… recently we started playing Real Bout FF 2: the newcomers and i thought it was pretty cool. overall a decent fighting game with surprisingly cool graphics… however there are some things me and my friends didn’t really understand about the game (we don’t play too many SNK games) and i was wondering if anyone still played this game… if anyone still does or at least has some basic understanding of the game engine a couple things would be helpful to know, like how the super gauge works… the only part i understood was P power which works when the gauge is filled and your vitality is in the red… H power and S power are things we couldn’t figure out… also A+B (weak punch and weak kick) does a strange mid attack? air blocking is possible but only if you are jumping away from your opponent? H power is used for counter moves when blocking?

so i take it no one plays this game anymore…

for matches

I dont really play it but I do like the game

thanks for the link

Check out the neo-geo forums for some gameplay info. There was a pretty good player there who wrote a few threads on how to play the various characters in RB2. H power moves is available at half a meter. P powers are when you fill the meter. If you fill the meter all the way and your health is in red, then you can use the S Power. I never really played the game too much since I was trying to learn RB1 better before I seriously playing RB2. A friend of mine showed me some combos with Rick and they were pretty nasty…this is the only game he’s in, oddly.

Also check out http://web.tiscali.it/neoencyclopedia/ for some fighting game move lists, etc. on SNK games.

The Power Guage is rather simple- at H. Power you can do Break Shots, these are like Guard Cancels in the Darkstalkers games, each character has 1 or 2 moves which he/she can perform when blocking, when u do this, the P. Guage will empty at H. Power.
At S. Power, you can do Break Shots (a total of 2 times I belive) and perfom a character Super Move. Note that some character’s super moves are slow, but deal around 1/3 of the full life bars damage (so 3 can most likely KO you). Due to this, some characters CANNOT combo into their Super moves (though Terry, for example, can combo a Rising Tackle after his Power Geyser).
Now P. Power works similar to S. Power, only because ur life guage is in the red, you can perform super moves infinitely. In P. Power you are graced with a super move that can be comboed into easily, for the most of the cast that is. Terry, for example, can combo into his Triple Geyser. If you want to know what are a character’s moves are I suggest u go that link that was provided and check out OmegaMad’s Movelist FAQ at GameFAQs, it’s VERY helpful!

These are anti-air attacks, they can stop some annoying moves like Billy’s Diving attack.

Other sites worth mentioning are Neo-Geo.com, go there and enter their starategy site, and search for Real Bout 2, the thread that was started by Beelzebub is what youre looking for :tup:.
…and here’s a site with some RB2 combo vids (and RB1 & RBS). If you can’t access that link, just enter the combo vids section of http://coaam2.free.fr/forum

Hope I’ve helped and have fun with this kickass game ^_^v. Oh and thanks to chopa for that match vid site :tup:

Ugh, just cuz I’m bored, I’ll give u some tips on some character’s special moves and supers:

Chonshu: His :snkc:, :snkc:, :snkc:, :r::l::snkc: juggle combo can be followed by his P. Power
After connecting his :qcf:+:snkb: special move, do :hcb:+:snkb:

Chonrei: At P. Power, you can do his :r::hcf:+:snkb::snkc: then tap :snkc: 3 more times for a 4 hit combo
His S. Power has 2 versions; one where you just press :snkb::snkc: (the weak one), and the other is when you HOLD :snkb::snkc: (the one you should be aiming for)

Rick: When the P. Guage is full, his :qcf:+:snkc: will can be comboed into and will juggle the opponent, at the corner, you can juggle infinitley with :dp:+:snka:

Tung: Press :snkc::snkd: with any character will have them Taunt, Taunting twice or thrice with Tung then pressing :snkb: or :snkc: will have him do a juggling attack. Also Tung can juggle you with his :qcb:+:snkc: and with his :dp:+:snkb:, at the corner, u can combo his P. Power after either of those 4 moves.

Peace, BTW Mary is Low Tier in this game IIRC, Top is Kim

Yes, there is also some threads on this in the Other Games section…Beelzebub has good stuff on the game…and if your ead my XI Geese guide most of it applies…after all Geese in NGBC/XI was based of this version for the most part…RB2 Geese is top tier…too good. Bob has an infinite combo etc…

^Yeah, of all the games Geese has been in, RB2 is the one I use the most & is my fav. :slight_smile: (Plus Red Raging Storm is fucking badass)

Top tier as a whole or S Class Ive seen is Geese and Krauser.

Kim is top of A Class.

Also read what I posted in the Breakers Revenge thread about KCC…works in this game also.

Thought I’d just mention a few more notes:
1- Mary’s P. Power: Mary’s P. Power is a Power-up type of move which allows you to perform 3 stronger variations of her special moves that do more damage than the normal one. When u activate this P. Power, your Power guage is filled once more, when the P. guage empties, you can no longer perform her powered-up move. Another way to empty the P. Guage (other than Break Shots), is to do her :d:+:snkc: Pursuit move after ANY of her 3 powered-up moves. Note that using the Pursuit mentioned in any other combo that DOESN’T involve those 3 powered-up moves, won’t empty the P. Guage.
To make it easier for you, here are the moves that you can perform after her P. Power, M. Escalation:
M. Double Swing 1: :d:+:snkc: at Downed opponent (OTG, doesn’t empty Guage)
M. Double Swing 2: :d:+:snkb: at Downed opponent, then :d:+:snkc: (OTG, doesn’t empty Guage)
E. Spin Fall Combo: :qcf:+:snkc:, then :qcf:+:snkc:, then :d:+:snkc: (Empties Guage)
E. V. Arrow Combo: :dp:+:snka:, then :dp:+:snkb:, then :d:+:snkc: (Empties Guage)
E. Straigh Slicer Combo: Charge :l: then :r:+:snka:, then Charge :l: then :r:+:snkb:, then :d:+:snkc: (Empties Guage)

2-Rick: When the P. Guage is full, you can do :qcb:+:snka:xx:qcf:+:snkc:.
Also, here’s a list of Rick’s Chains:- (P is :snka:, K is :snkb: & S is :snkc: )

Standing P–>Standing S
Crouching P–>Standing S
Standing P–>Standing K
Crouching P–>Crouching K
Standing K–>Standing K–>Standing S
Standing K–>Standing K–>DF+S
Standing K–>Standing S
Standing K–>Crouching K
Crouching K–>Crouching S
Crouching K–>Standing K
DF+P–>Standing K
Far K–>Standing S
Standing S–>Standing S
Dash then F+S–>Standing S

Non Combo-able:
Standing P–>Standing K–>Standing S
Crouching P–>Crouching K–>Crouching S
Standing K–>Crouching K–>Crouching S
Far K, F+S–>D, D+S
Crouching K–>Crouching S–>F+S
DF+P–>Standing K–>F+S–>D, D+S


thanks for answering some of the questions posed here… it trips me out that this game went virtually unoticed when it came out over here

Same can be said about Garou :sad: , both games are great and have a lot of potential for competitive play.

so far i have to say that ricky and terry are my fav characters to play with but thats bc they are easy as hell to use and have some dirty combos… i also have been playing the first Real Bout and Special and you can see the evolution of the series really take hold. the only thing i wish they hadn’t changed was the ability to move into the foreground as well as the background when line changing RB1 had some crazy shit in it… FF3 sprites!? im glad they did the overhaul on the chars in Special but in RB2 Geese is still FF3 sprites when everyone else got upgraded? can’t knock SNK for it but i thought that was kind of weak… thats my two cents