RBX Going Away Party: 2/26/10 Please bring what you can!

Just announcing that there will be a going away party for our good Friend RBX at my place starting around 7 P.M.

 Who: RBX

 What: Going away Party 

  Where: My Place, 12634 NW Barnes Rd. #6 PDX, Or 97229

 When: 2/26/10, 7:00pm start time.

            Just gonna be some good times had by all. EVERYONE has to get there gauntlent match in with RAY in EVERY GAME THAT matters, From Championship Edition to ST, From Alpha 1 to CVS2. Its the last time in awhile you get games in with the Original OG of Portland Gaming. Hope to see yall there.

This will definitely be hype.

better bring that snuggie ray

I’ll most definitely be there

For people that are wondering what they can bring to help out with the party! ANYTHING WILL HELP. Just bring shit to share, chips, drinks whatever would be great, i got most of it but the help would be nice.

I want to show up, to wish ray a nice good bye I get off work at 7:00 and I want to try and make it but we shall see what happens.

I’ll bring the trannys!

Hopefully I can get back into town earlier tonight and swing by about 10pm. Look forward to it!

GGs, hell yeah for Jetay offering his house and making sure this happend and also to his wife for the delicious food. fly safe Ray, Gen mirror money match at evo lol.

Yeah, from the amount of time I was there, there was some good highlights. I was hella beat when I walked through the door, and almost immediately I was hearing ‘money match!’ and I find myself in a Sagat/Zangief match. Good times. Nice seeing Nick and a few more people from Versis again. Thanks to Jetay and wife for the great hospitality. Much respect to Ray, we are taking a hit losing him. How do you talk a guy out of Hawaii?

Tell him there are Tsunami warnings all in Hawaii and Sonic Booms won’t stop them

Thanks to Jetay for hosting. That was almost the whole portland scene in one room. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not

Thanks to Jetay for hosting and hooking it up for Ray’s going away party.

Good luck to you Ray in your Hawaii travels. Keep in touch and let us know how it’s going over there!

Thanks Jetay for having us over, had a great time. Good luck to Ray in going to Hawaii .