RC Electricity strats



Well, if you’re going to play him, you gotta know how to be cheap with it! Or at least when/when not to use the electricity:


Because you build LOTS of meter even if you whiff, it does LOTS of guard bar damage. You can follow it up with customs and it’s fun to annoy people with it.


  • After cross up j.Forward (Don’t even bother to RC this one)
  • Against poke heavy people (Other Blankas, Sagat, Cammy, Rolento).
  • As anti air, it’s free damage, you have the chance to follow it up with a custom if you want to/can.
  • Just whiff a bunch to build meter, “intimidate”.
  • After a whiff Jab/Strong ball. You can use the ball to cross up and do electricity then or just land in front of them.


Whiff something long enough for you to do the piano method (Fierce, Strong, Jab, Roll -> Fierce or Jab) or (Jab, Strong, Fierce, Roll -> Fierce or Jab). The jab version is the best one to use to whiff to build meter. Most people will either do c.Short/c.Forward, dash, or command hop to set it up.


It’s sort of quick, in 2 parts. The initial “piano” (Fierce, Strong, Jab) or (Jab, Strong, Fierce) is part 1, then the roll -> Jab/Fierce. The initial problems that you will most likely encounter are pressing two buttons at the same time during the piano or doing the piano too slow and have the roll come out instead of the electricity.

Couple practice runs, you’ll be a champ in no time!


is there any way to RC the electricity so that a jab doesn’t come out, because I keep getting hit by my jab whiffing. do i need to whiff a c.fwd then RC so that just the c.fwd comes out then the RC elec comes out? help, anybody? im a die hard k-groover tryin to learn a little C so that I don’t get kicked out of a tourny cuz of A.


what is the best hand position to use? like how should your hands be positioned before it, and how after the piano? you should only use 1 hand to do it right?

and how many punches need to be pushed to register electricity?


I guess I can show my little video of myself doing the RC electricity on the agetec. I prefer to do the Fierce->Strong->Jab method because it seems like the naturally-human-friendly way of doing it, but then BAS told my friend that he does it the opposite way…

Here’s the real speed video

and here’s the slow version of the same video

For the real speed one, I used wmv9, and for the slow one I used MPEG-4 V2.

It just takes a day or 2 of practice to get it consistently, or if you’re like some VF4 player I know, you should be able to do it right after watching the video…:eek:

hope you enjoy



wow, thanks a lot for that vid. i have a few questions…

  1. besides the look of it, is there any technical way you can see if you RC’ed the electricity (like some option in training mode)?

  2. i just want to know if i got your method correct- you’re going from fierce to strong to jab, then hitting roll just before you hit hp right? is that all?

  3. can you encode/make the first video in the same format of the second one? i can view the second one, but not the first for some reason…(or point me in the direction of the proper codec).

thanks a lot


you’re welcome, and here are the answers to your questions.

  1. If you know how to turn on the “attack data” in training mode, you can turn on the option right below that to show input. Also, if you RC electricity again and again and again, you should move forward a little every time you RC’ed it. The amount of forward movement is slight but very noticible.

  2. That’s all.

  3. I guess I CAN re-encode that first one, but I’m lazy. You need Windows Media Player 9 to view the first one, but everyone hates wmv9 and I suggest you don’t get it. I’m re-encoding it right now, to wmv8… that’s not the same codec as the second one but you should be able to see this one.


Also, I was RCing electricity one after another as soon as possible in the video, but I don’t do it that fast when I’m actually playing someone because it is less erroneous.

I hope that satisfies you.



laugh u got any other cvs2 stuff uploaded? like the old matches from atown? i wanna see how shitty i was playing :smiley:


I do have the atown matches encoded and all, but I have 56k connection…:frowning: I did upload them onto a korean webspace sharing site one time, but they are supposed to be deleted after 15 days, which they did… I can give you the matches on a cd whenever we see each other.

And believe me, you weren’t doing shitty,… except on theat last match between you and skye.:lol:


Were you whiffing someting in those vids before the rC?


I watched both versions of the RC electricity [fast and slow]. I didn’t see any whiffings of moves during the slow one so I don’t think he whiffed anything. Actually, the standing hp at the beginning of the piano acted as his whiff. God that shit’s fast.

I have a question: Are there any easy combos into electricity? I was thinking flying hk, B and mp-1 hit, [serves as a whiff so you can lp,hp,lp,hp or lp causing the] Electricity. Is this or something like it possible?


I didn’t whiff anything when I did RC electricities in the video. cvs2 takes inputs when the anouncer’s saying “READY FIGHT”, that’s when I did the piano part, and when the game started, I rolled and pushed fierce. Repeat…

Also, probably the easiest way to combo an electricity is to do cross up mk, then non-RC fierce electricity. Just find the best method of doing to electrivity within the time frame after you press mk and when you land. This is free block damage and guard meter even if it’s blocked.



Something that may or may not work, it’s just a thought right now: If you’re familiar with OTHER ways of roll cancelling (yeah, instead of the traditional d, df+roll, f+fierce you can ALSO do d+roll+fierce, df, f+roll+fierce or d, df+roll+fierce, f+roll+fierce and they DO work, sometimes a lot better than the really fast transition way you’re familiar with). Anyway, my thought is, if the game register EVERY punch/kick press for electricity or anything else, wouldn’t that method I said above work for RC electricity as well? Cause if you do dash and mash on two punch buttons, electricity still comes out, so…you do the math. The method would look like:

whiff something, Fierce Strong Jab, pause, roll+Fierce


This is the only way I can do it:
Jab, Strong, Fierce,(roll + strong + fierce)x2

                              ^The first time you do the above, it registers the roll. The second time, it registers the punch.


So then, the way I put it would work as well if you do the roll+Fierce part twice, no?


Isn’t somebody going to confirm/deny this?


what’s the timing to RC electricity from a hop? at what point in the hop do i need to start the piano string for the electricity? I’m guessing that it’s near the end…is it:

hop, jab, strong, fierce, land, jab+short, fierce?



Yep, exactly it.


lol i have no idea how u did that after watching the video 15+ both slow and normal. :confused: im a newbie to fighting games though… so i guess tahts why, maybe ill have a chance to see u do this at atown


Shut up.