RC electricity tricks

As u all know rc electricity(HP,MP,LP roll, HP…) is A-Blanka’s best friend seeing how u can build meter and CC after it so…

how do u guys use it? I noticed that bas jump’s straight up alot whiffing a jumping hp and lands into RC electricity and it usually works

other stuff include Jab ball RC

but do u guys have unique set ups or mixups that involve it?

If you’re feeling frisky, try RC jungle hop forward, RC electricity.


thx but that thread is more dedicated on how to do it then anything…

Do jump straight up HP, RC electricity when you land.

I input jump up, HP, HP, HP, (land), LP+LK, HP

Do RC electricity out of move stun as well.
-d.LK, (while the opponent is in blocking animation), piano, (opponent can now move), LP+LK, HP

RC eletricity is use best when it’s not expected. Use it like you would a psychic shoryuken.

cool thx… interesting method how u do the Jump straight up Hp Rc electricity trick

any cool tactics for RC electricity from block stun? last night i was messing around in training mode trying to interrupt cammy c.fp, fp block link with RC electricity, but sadly, to no avail.

Did you try just rolling out of it first? ifyou can do that, it means you should be able to rc electricity out of it.

I don’ thave her frame data off hand, but if there’s enough frames between the hits, you can RC Through it.

arent those hits meaty?

Meaty is when you hit somebody with the last frames of a move as they get up. The majority of the time, a meaty hit yields a much larger frame advantage than a normal hit.

Cammy close s.HP, far s.HK is a link. It does a two hit combo no matter what when you time it right.

On the other hand, Kyo close s.MP, d.MP is a link that ONLY works on a meaty hit. It doesn’t do a two hit combo unless you do the close s.MP meaty first. If Kyo just runs up to you, does regular close s.MP, then does d.MP after, go ahead and roll inbetween. You have a 4 frame window.

edit: Don’t roll. Kyo recovers in time from d.MP to throw you every time.

Oh, speaking of meaty hits, I do this with C-Blanka too.

Meaty close s.MP, f, f dash…

From there, either go for counter hit d.LK, d.LK, s.LP xx level 3; RC electricity; or throw.

d.LK, d.LK link becomes easy on the counter hit, and meaty s.MP, dash sets it up nicely.

edit: This isn’t guaranteed or that great a tactic even with your s.MP frame advantage. Deep j.HK is better at locking the opponent down to cover your dash.

shit u must have alot of frame advantage after the meaty st.mp to dash in

in that case i will RC electricity and chip them :stuck_out_tongue:

cammy frame data…


close Fierce
1000 +10:confused:

yea, but some people move up between the fp’s so that they actually connect, or they mis-time it. If it’s timed right, you’ll still be in stun and you won’t lose a thing (if you tried to reversal RC electricity).

but you gotta worry about st.fp, walk up throw anyways, which beats out any attempted of reversal RC electricity, so i wouldn’t bother anyways.

rc electricity -> dash -> rc electricity.
mixed with
rc electricity ->c.hk/c.hp

it works really good on p groove/kgroove who train to jd/parry the sweep, then you get another fat amount of chip/gaurd dmg.

it’s too bad they can low parry electricity.

the timing is different, and you can mix up the timing to whatever you want.

i dunno, i guess i’m not doing it right :stuck_out_tongue:

I do rc electricity, dash, then either electricity, or cr.lk x n into combo or mix up. or st.jab, or throw.

But i don’t play enough against p-groove, so I could be wrong.