RC fierce

I saw the pic on sonic-hurricane.com’s notebook about Sagat doing an RC fierce. Whether it’s practical or not, I don’t care, I just want to learn the engine.
Normally, this would be impossible, but if you allow CC activation, then we have some new possibilities.

Let’s say it’s Sagat vs any ground fireball character, let’s use Iori. Sagat is full screen, activates and then does a jab tiger shot. Iori throws his jab fireball just frames after to try and slow Sagat down. Right before Sagat’s fireball is about to hit, Iori tries a maiden masher, screws it up, and gets hit. Meanwhile, Sagat foresees Iori’s plan, rolls BEFORE the tiger shot hits, but then when it hits, he mashes fierce.

As long as Sagat hits that fierce(or any normal) before the roll animation ends, I don’t see why it wouldn’t allow him to RC just about anything. Maybe even RC roll into roll, lmao. As long as he starts his roll just frames before the tiger shot hits.


no you missed part of it, you can’t just cancel the roll into a normal. You have to do a roll cancel taunt but when the fireball hits you can cancel the taunt into a fierce. So like was said in the sonic hurricane post its not technically a roll cancel fierce its a roll cancel taunt cancel fierce.