RC hurricane kick during GG CC?

If you’re using A Sak and GCing someone with an alpha counter, does anyone use the RC hurricane kick so that when they use the alpha counter, they get hit anyway? I’m just wondering why no one does that.

You’re speaking my specialty…
I made a list of this in my VERY old thread a long time ago.

It works on Yamazaki. It goes right over the same kick.

On all Dp type AC’s(Ryu, Sagat, Cammy, etc):
Roll xx st. RH, dp cc

When u see the AC come out. Mash of fierce twice. The first one will whiff, the second one combos and u can do CC after. Both the character sprites whiff each other.

Same as Chun except you mash on RH twice.

Just keep doing the CC as is.

Because of the angle that their AC’s come out, u can just mash on low forward and their bodies will go right over you and u can CC right after.

All Slide AC’s(Chang, Dhalsim, King, etc)
Do forward hurricane kick, cr. forward, cc.

These 2 are a bit weird. Because of the speed of their AC’s, you just do a quick Dp canceled into RH hurricane, they MUST AC on the second hit of the hurricane otherwise the CC will hit them.
Not too sure on this one though considering I haven’t messed with this in over a year.

Completely pointless. You roll past it and u try to attack, he can AC again instantly. The AC is too fast. Best and stupidest thing would be to roll past and have the person waster their meter. But again, its pointless.

Characters that are too hard or have an answer for the situation.

Geese and all the others I didn’t list.

Either they have fast AC’s, or there’s just no way of hitting them clean.

correct me if i’m wrong but dont special moves lose invincibility after it makes contact on your opponent?

the easiest way to explain it is parry vs rc hurricane kick. you can parry the first hit and hit them out of the second.

special moves dont have invincibilty
the only one I could think of is Dan’s DP

I don’t think it’s that special moves don’t have invincibility…it’s just that it runs out after the startup. If Special moves don’t have invincibility, then how would Sagat beat a meaty Electricity or lvl 1 super? About the RC hurricane vs Parry, that’s because you parried it at the beginning and then on the second hit, it loses the invincibility.

i think you misinterpreted.

special moves lose invincibility after it makes contact on an opponent.

and saks hurricane kick has invincibility on the second kick. she loses it when shes decending. go try hitting her out of the second kick, it aint gonna happen.

Sakura can RC HP DP through Kyosuke’s lvl3 pillar super in the corner and get 3 hits before she gets owned up by the pillar. So i don’t think it’s a matter of losing invincibility upon contact.

On the other hand, Kyosuke can parry the first hit of RC HP DP and trade s.LP with the second hit.

My personal opinion is that the invincibility timers on RC moves don’t pause for hit impacts. So if RC HK hurricane kick causes a hit impact of 13 frames, that’s usually gonna be enough to kill the remaining invincibility right there. On the other hand, the HP DP hits obviously cause less hit impact. Jedah’s s.HP hits caused 2 frames of hit impact, so let’s say Sakura’s HP DP hit impacts are somewhere around 4 frames or so just to be safe. So i can totally imagine her getting 3 hits in before her invincibility runs out. On the other hand, parry causes the same impact freeze no matter what the move. Obviously you don’t have to parry the HP DP at the same rate as you would have to JD it or at the same rate that it connects. So that explains why usually hit impact kills invincibility and why parry freeze kills invincibility for the rare instances where hit impact does not. But all of this is just a theory cuz i don’t have a way to verify it and i don’t have the time to devise one.

CFJ sucks.

kcxj comin with the truth.

well… then what if it was 2 special moves coming at the same time?

would sakura and sakura’s 2nd hit on the hurricane kick just pass eachother?

sagat’s Dp only connect once they in mid air?

i say its a matter of this move beats that move

its definately what maj said.

No clue what he’s talking about but I’ll just nod and say yes.