RC in console


can you RC on the console versions?

i dont play this game, but is it worth learning? all i hear is it is just a bunch of rc garbage.


RC is possible on Dreamcast and PS2 versions.

Learn it, because that is the only way to be competitive.

Don’t listen to the scrubs yelling “cheep cheep cheep.”


howdy stranger.

thanks for the info.


Yeah it’s vital in all rolling grooves. If you come to Jillians this weekend, I can show it(and cvs2 in general) to you. I think Tigerstyle will be there too.


You don’t need roll canceling to compete, ignore the hype…


You do if you’re in a roll groove, and not playing C Sagat.


omg you made my day…I never heard that the ps2 version can RC. Everyone keep saying that in console, RC bug has been remove. Except for Dreamcast:D


RC is possible in all versions.

In PS2 and dreamcast versions, the RC’d move still has invincibility just like the arcade.

In X-Box and Gamecube versions, the RC’d move does not have invincibility.


What box said


while we at it, any tips on how to RC in console?? I try for soooo long to RC blanka’s ball with my ps2 controller. Didn’t even get ONCE :mad:


get a stick, and i can almost flawlessy RC all moves, except RC blanka elec and rc legs and stuff, try that later, what are u gonna get with it? a bit damage? a bit building meter? woopdiefkndoo


try RC taunt
that’s the easiest

somehow i can do more rc electric than rc fireball or b-f specials


RC electricity can lead to fat CC, RC lightning legs can lead to fat combo/anything you want.

Just nitpicking. :slight_smile: Don’t mind me.


ok I master RC dash and Taunt…really easy…But still no luck with Rcing charge move :frowning:


read tru3tn01’s guide or whatever his name is, really good one, its here in general strategy, look i think its still on the first page


muahahah! thx for guiding me to that guide, is really useful, within 2 hours, I MASTER RC charge move and Hop. My blanka has reach another level :slight_smile:


I use L2 as a roll button on the ps2, it makes RC VERY easy.