RC level 1 supers

i’m just starting to RC fireballs, but i did a
RC level 1 fireball super by chance.
Most of you can prolly RC 90% of the time,
so I’m wondering if anyone else has tried to do this?
Groove A, N, C


You cant rc supers.

you can but it doesnt make them invincible, not even level 1s

so you’re saying that if I RC a level 1
the super will reset the invincible frame?
sounds fishy to me. just wanted to know
if anyone has done a RC level 1 super.
did i not end up doing it then?

anyone have a definite answer?

The invincibility gets used up by the super’s start-up, so it’s pointless.

Not for 720 motion supers it’s not.

i dont see why u would rc a level one, would kinda be obvious cause i doubt u could do it even 50% of the time. sounds like a waiste of time. if im wrong tell me.

Well yeah, that’s if you’re counting on that increased range. Nothing else worth RCing them for.

Umm… it also prevents you from jumping. Tokido did that several times when he was here.

How does it prevent you from jumping?

u cant jump in a roll huh :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty hard to i think… doing 720 in 1/20 second

Oh that’s what he meant by it keeps you from rolling? jesus, that means you have to do a full 405 degrees of rotation after the roll in a 720?..:confused: