Rc necessary?



first, enter this thread with an open mind. i don’t want anyone coming in here ready to flame, so please be cool. sooooo…

i can’t roll cancel. i have beaten many players who do nothing but roll cancel using such rc monsters as guile, blanka, and sak. actually, i beat these teams on the reg. today during one of the sessions, me and my friends got to discussing the real necessity of it. for them, it’s not even an option. roll cancelling is absolutely essential to victory. i know it’s a tool. there’s no point fooling yourself. however, i don’t feel it automatically compensates for a lack of skill. i think ino really showcases this point. plays k groove and rapes for the fun of it.

so there you go. post your opinions and keep the ball rolling.


Wrong Forum.
But i completely agree with you.Rcing is not essential to win.I dont roll cancel (hell im not going to lie i Cant roll cancel)But i know how to play the game and ive beaten people who always roll cancel.The only diffrence i see is that people who rc can use moves that arent safe to use in that situation.People who cant or dont Rc use the right move at the right time.

I wanted to learn to rc to make my eagle better.I wanted to use the spinning larieat as an anti-air.But then in my frustration i went back to the counter that worked a hell of a lot better with less worry if i rced it right or not.


Back on the topic of Guile…

RCing is not a need for him, because he is the ultimate zone character with great AA’s. (s. Strong, c. Fierce)

Just replace RC sonic boom with one of the normals above, and continue to zone.


sorry about posting here. big error. first post ever. excuse a noob.
i’d still like to hear some other opinions on the subject though.


guile has soooo many offensive options. even without rc’s, he can really give most any character a serious run for their money. and to top it off, his poke strings are so safe it’s ridiculous. retarded priority doesn’t hurt him either.

true his rc sonic boom is devastating. no one will deny that. but does that mean he NEEDS it to be the man. of course not.


If you cant RC sonic boom, any opponent with a good low jump game will give you a really hard time.


u ppl arent getting the point guile with RC sonic booms can now zone u even worst now that hes not scared of shooting one out when hes sweep distance or closer and when he does u can’t do alot RC makes his zoning ability amazing

So yes RC with guile is important


it makes him a better character, but it’s not really something you need to do with him. i rape other guiles in my area because i have a better understanding of his normals. those are his best tools. at even the highest levels of play, i think everyone agrees that staying on the offensive is best. i know that if i’m rushing with guile, i don’t even have to worry about rc the sonic boom because it’s right in their face.

whatever. i’m starting to think i should stop being lazy and just learn to rc consistently so i can abuse the hell out of that move. i’m not saying my opinion has changed because it hasn’t. any ideas where i could see a good rc guile in action?

also, i’ve heard k guile is nasty. and there aren’t any rc’s in k last time i checked.


RCing makes every character better, but that doesn’t mean that it is necessary…there are ways to play around it


LOL, word. I don’t think u guys understand what RC guile is like. It turns him into SVC guile. RC booms as an AA gives u a knockdown, something s.mp and c.fierce don’t give u. After knockdown repostition guile and continue with RC booms, since he has the fastest recovery out of any projectile throwing character, it’ll be hard for u to roll past the boom and punish him. There is a reason why RC guile is top tier, or close to.

  i think that's the best answer right there.  people getting up in ur face and trying to rush u down?   That's probably all the more reason to rc the sonic boom, it won't ever get stuffed.  rc'ing his blade kick is nice too.

 The thing is there are those scrubs or whatever who carelessly rc, and then there are the good players who rc.  playing a good player who rc's is pretty damn tough. 

 Is rc'ing essential to win?  well if u use non roll grooves then no.  but when using a roll groove, i'm sure all the good players will have learned how to rc.  i don't think it can ever hurt to learn it.  besides, u've seen tokido and daigo, right?  lol.  i would've bet my money on tokido if he came to play at evo 2k3....


i don’t know about that. ino’s tough.


um…yeah i’m sure he is, right up there with ohnuki, daigo, and tokido. but uh, he uses k-groove. i’m sure he knows how to rc anyways, if he ever decided to use a roll groove. my point was that rc’ing will always help IF you use a roll groove.