RC Rekka Dexterity Issue

I for some reason have a problem Rcing his rekka punch at times and I was wondering if there’s an easier way to do it. I can RC hcb + K but there’s not much usage of it at least in my opinion. Sometimes trying to RC rekka I get RC’ed qcf+K and in certain instances that’s not what you want at all. I can RC DP no problem. Anyone have any helpful tips?

RC jab rekkas are Kyo’s only safe RCs. It has the same frame data as Iori’s qcb+P. -5 on the block.

I double tap the LP (middle finger, then index) while keeping LK held down with my thumb whenever I want to do this move. It works pretty good for me, but you can try using a negative edge method if you want too.

RC hcb+HK is completely useless as far as I know. One of my friends name withheld was using it as anti-air/anti-crossup when he was playing against me though. That has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen people do in CvS2 yet. :lol: He could of done a high damage, high stun dp+HP in all those instances, but he chooses to do some zero stun, low damage move instead.

Thanks I really had’nt though of strumming from the middle to the index finger. I’m going to try that after work today. I went through the phase of thinking RC HCB k was good and then you realize how open he is when blocked… I have a question about RC DP+ hp… I can RC this np but it seems like he “Karas” forward am I right? I just want to make sure I’m not going crazy. Your Ken info is great thanks I had no idea meaty close RH was that good. What groove do you play Kyo in?

You don’t have to RC dp+HP’s with Kyo. The 8 frames of totally body invincibilty it gives normally is all you need already. Any more is overkill and a waste of effort. If anything, RC the dp+LP’s. It becomes as good as Sagat’s psychic Tiger Uppercut then. If the opponent jumps right on top of you at point blank (where dp+HP might go under), RC dp+HK is pretty good too.

I play Kyo in all grooves except A. His customs are too hard for me (plus I can do more damage with supers anyway).