RC taunting: my fav. insult

A few days ago I just insulred my friend with a RC taunt. He did the fireball super with Akuma, and at the last minute I RC taunted him. Does that make me a new age of Street Fighter insulting? :confused:

Bring it to Gamefaqs instead.

Stuff I learn from the Vega guide:

re: A-groove

“If you just love putting together that flashy 40-hit Custom Combo to amaze your friends, go for it. Some lack of mobility.”

“However, a good Vega on P-Groove is extremely annoying, especially if you taunt a lot.”

As soon I as I read this, I realized I should stop reading…

“In SVC vs Capcom…”

The guy kept making remarks about how other people are scrubs too. I love that. :rofl:

Why waste your time responding to him, BTW I was the guy you played at CF tourny in the winner’s bracket

Screw U Bitch! lol!!!

Sup man. Good games last week. Do you know who the player with the video camera was? I think he taped a few of our matches.