RC wakeups?

sorry for the scrubby question but i’m wondering if people RC wakeups with reversal timing. cause so far i haven’t really seen people do it. is it possible to still get hit if you RC wake up with reversal timing? for example, i see a lot of blankas cross up ball after knockdown and go directly in RC electrity. this seems to force the other player to block. but why wouldn’t the other player just RC electrity on wakeup? is there some delay even when you do a reversal RC such that you are not invincible?

No there isn’t any vulnerability, however u can get thrown, or a super grab (vice, raiden, gief, maki, etc) will catch it too. You probably dont see many ppl trying to reversal RC wakeup becuase its a bit risky, since taking the block damage is better than messing up and taking the full damage…Think risk vs. reward

this is more theory vs realistic to me…yes, you probably can wake up RC and go thru any move they have…BUT, it seems so difficult to do that it is not even worth doing (like the above post said). plus, there would be things that people could do to counter this tactic that would lead to big damage so is it that good of an option as opposed to blocking? its a personal decision

wake up rc can be abused heavily vs scrubs. otherwise, you will most likely be punished for it. like anything else, it’s only good in moderation and very situational.

yea thanks for the response. my point was in situations where the other player is trying to cross up or attack. for example if blanka decides to cross you up and you wake up rc electrity … it’s a free hit … if he blocks your Rc electrity … then you get a free +10 (?) frame advantage or something. the reason why i posted it was causse i kept seeing vids where blankas would always use the ball to cross up / land right in front and then whore rc electrity for block damage. i see how if blanka / any player decides to dash back or RC hop back and you whiff your move … you’re screwed (free lvl3 , custom)

out of all the times I’ve tried to RC electricity on wake up, I think I may have succeeded like 8% of the time. That’s pretty crappy. Most of the time it’s due to my inability to time the reversal on the first frame, but sometimes my opponents bait it so they can punish. It’s pretty dumb. I suggest not trying to do it. Unless you have this complex where you think you gotta be fancy in order to show that you’re good.

However, back hop is good. Maybe I’m not watching the right videos, but I don’t see too many people doing this. Try it out…