RCing: what am I doing wrong?


Alright, first off I’m fairly new the CVS2. I’ve been a die hard Street Fighter vs. Xmen, Marvel vs. street fighter, mvc 1 and mvc 2 player well, since I can remember. Since MVC 2 got f’ing delayed again from xbox I’ve decided to pick up CVS2 on xbox (since it went live). CC’s and Rushdown are coming pretty easily to me but the thing I’m having trouble with is RCing. I understand the overall concept of it and I thought I was doing it…but I then I tried it vs. my friend and he’d nail me right through it.
What I’m wondering, is there any tell-tale signs for when you do a rc? The reason I coulda sworn I was doing them is with Zangief, right before he’d throw his lariat he’d make a small “huh”, just like when he rolls. My friend would jump kick me right in the head anyways though.
Any help is much appreciated!


The invincibility is gone from the roll on the xbox version.

Derek Daniels


<EDIT since omni edited his post and mine looks dumb now>


Omni>> Umm, RCs are no longer invincible. Rolls are unchanged.


you have to cancel the first 3 frames of the roll very fast. try the sweeping motion. Say you are using Ryu and you want to RC a FB the motion you are trying to do is this D,Df jab+short F+Fierce. so your hands must be place on the jab and short and a split second hit fierce or strong so when you get to Df hit jab+short then a split second hit forward and fierce or strong or which ever. Ive never played the XBox version so i dont know if the RC is there or not.


Omni, are you sure that the invincibility frames in RC’s have been removed from the Xbox version. i am not into roll cancelling so i can’t test it (and plus i have the loaf of bread original Xbox controller). i swear that i threw a Sagat fireball super and it went straight through Ryu when he was throwing his hadoken. this happened twice. one up close and one full screen. who knows. maybe i suck so bad it just happens to me!


Was sagat’s fireball super the high one? If it is, it’s just ryu’s hitbox; it shrinks a little when he’s performing his hadouken.


yeah, it was high tiger shot super but i swear there was another time where Ken threw a fireball (after i blocked his Shoryuken Super) and my low poke went through him. i am a total retard on this game, maybe my timing was way off or something. anyway…

so, there is NO RCing in this game? Right?


RC’s have been removed from the xbox version. Plain and simple. bleh.


arcade version

A little off topic but how do u know if you have done the RC correctly…like when bison starts his roll he says amai or something…does he say that and then do the psycho crusher or does he just start the roll animation then do the psycho crusher?


theres no RCs in XB or GC versions.


theres no RCs in XB or GC versions.

I said in the arcade version…


Sometimes the character says the whole roll voice and sometimes he only says part of it. . other than that watch your character to see if he moves a tiny bit forward before he does his move. . another tell tale sign is when you go through fireballs :smiley:


another tell tale sign is when you go through fireballs

lol,no way i never would have known that…


another tell tale sign is when you go through fireballs

nono… it’s true… i swear…:confused: