RD Setup Question

Ehh, dunno if this deserves it’s own thread but I got a RD question. One of the basic setups I do is straight jump/jump in on downed opponent air fireball,press punchx2,land,f+mp,lk,hp. Problem with this is that I alot of the time don’t get the RD out. I dunno if I have to do the air fireball closer to the ground so the game reads it differently or something but I dunno. If anyone could help. I’d be testing it/practicing it right now but my dad flips out when he has to hear the arcade stick at 1am

It doesnt have anything to do with the fireball. Just make sure you tap the lp’s just before landing, and also remember that akuma has a SLIGHT recovery animation after an air fireball. Then RD can come out AFTER he recovers.