Rd2 TE pcb failure


Hi, this is strange but my RD2 TE won’t register Up+Right or Down+Right, but it will every other direction. It’s about a year old with very light usage (it’s my spare) and everything is stock. Even the glue that holds the JLF connection to the PCB is still there. Any ideas? If not, warranty would be nice.

TE stick replacement PCB question (was in warranty at the time)

Did you try switching the positions of the LS-DP-RS switch?


yep. I opened it up, couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Every direction registers (downback, back, upback, etc) all work, just not UP+RIGHT or UP+DOWN. Is this a common problem with TEs? This is a 360 TE and I heard about the kick buttons (HK and 3K) going out but I’ve never heard about the Sanwa stick going out.