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Going to try and see if I can fix this thing now. I can’t fix it here so I have to make a whole new thread ._.

"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread
Feng Shui Engine (Mindgames)
"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread















Yay, was waiting for this for a while. gogo genkibot <3


Forward Throw -> Forward Dash x4 Cr.MP is meaty on the cast


dash x4, c.strong is meaty but doesn’t hit on the last active frame ala. the other setups which give much better frame advantage (+7/8). it allows 2x c.strong or c.strong, c.forward and even c.strong, c.fierce on the bigger characters. i believe you can get 2x c.strong from the dash x4 setup if you cancel every dash perfectly, leaving it at most probably +6. that’s why i chose not to add it, though if you think it’s vital i will put it :slight_smile:


Ahh I see. The only other thing I’d say then is that there isn’t really another forward throw > meaty normal setup, so it still could be useful to know. Then again, dashing up after throwing them full screen is probably one of the first things people try when they want to stay aggressive. Up to you~


you make a fair point, added and with credit :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it worth mentioning unblockables etc are corner specific or not? (Or are they all corner-only by definition)


always corner only. sorry i didn’t mention that haha


unless you’re cammy ._.


This thread is not only fantastic, but if it is completed I’m totally putting the shortcut to this page on the first page of my phone. That said, I do have one small recommendation for the format.

I really like the idea of the ‘matchup at a glance’ box. However, the max punish section takes up more then half of the box and is not really that easy to read for someone looking for a down and dirty overview, and especially for someone who is already very familiar with Juri combos. As well I’m already seeing a ton of repeated combos even just in the rufus section. Guerenteed this will only increase as more characters get filled out. Repeat combos equals unnecessary clutter, and frankly more work.

In particular I’m thinking of the c.hp punisher, and the bnb fuj combo.

I think it would cut the typing required for this project in half if combos were moved to their own space like the fuzzies. Then simply referred to the combos based on their first hit. In almost all cases the combo is completely determined by the first hit and resources available. ofc in situations where the combo is character specific (such as weird hitboxes) then the full combo needs to be written out.


Ultra 1 (Block) -

No meter + Fuhajin: Walk forward, S.Strong(MP)
**ELSE: **C.Fierce(HP)

then the full combos would be listed in the combo section along with damage/stun etc.

Once again, love the thread, and would love to see this completed. I’m fairly mediocre at this game, but I am more then willing to help out in any way I can.


this is something I’ve been thinking about already and I agree with you, although at the same time they can repeat a lot, they can also get quite specific. In terms of matchup information I already had previously; I actually deleted it in minds of starting again with further knowledge and other changes etc so it will still take a while. I have been quite busy over the last 3/4 days so haven’t had the chance to work on anything, but as I get going again and doing more matches I’ll be able to come to a better conclusion. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions though, I appreciate both a lot :slight_smile:


updated with Cammy and Chun Li match ups and Ideal Punishes section to remove clutter.


Pretty sure Cl.MK is a great meaty move against rose, it covers every option:

Backdash: Second hit will knock rose out of the air.
Focus backdash: First hit is absorbed, second hit will knock rose out of the air. (Note: If they dash too slowly, the invincibility will cover the second hit. If they do it fast enough, the invincibility ends before the second hit becomes active)
EX Soul Throw: Although Juri is airborne, this move will whiff and go straight over her, or get hit by the second hit.
EX Soul Spiral: If properly timed, the second hit will knock Rose out of it. If you do CL.MK too early, the second hit will fire during Soul Spirals invincibility
Ultra 2: Meaty moves beat U2.
Throw: You’re airborne!

Super and Ultra 1 both beat it, but that should be pretty obvious.

Only thing to note is that if she crouch blocks, the second hit will whiff, leaving you vulnerable for a moment. Thankfully, this is the only scenario you need to react to, so you can cancel it into fuhajin store.