Re: EVO2k10 "Bison girl"

EVO2k10 “Bison girl”

have my babies.

Apparently I am missing something, what are you talking about? barely watched anything from Evo, mostly because I didn’t care all that much (beyond hoping that someone besides Diago or Wong would win it) and was busy with stuff

Any footage?

Few pictures of her on

I’d hit it

Apparently a fight almost broke out between Bison girl and Sherryjenix.

Looks like whoever tried to break up the fight also copped a feel!

IRL M.Bison vs C.Viper match. 6-4, put your bets on!


Reason:She’s hip to psycho abortion, she will never have your kids or anyones kids.


Day TWO - slash5150’s Photos

So ready to Ultra II.

All I can see is psycho crush her!

Anyone got links to the matches she played?


Nice cosplay though seriously.

After scrolling through the pics that girl in blue has some big…buttons.

Wtf there was a fight? What happened?

Bison Girl attempting to explode her feeble opponent with her deadly psycho stare.

haha, tis’ i, the bison girl.

basically, shit talking happened, i beat her, she got MAD salty, and wouldn’t shake my hand at the end. that’s pretty much it. oh, and she tried to get in my face at the end and wanted to like fight irl. so yea, good evo moment guys.

What’s your response to the OP?

Aww, I wished I was there to witness a Bison vs Viper match up! How did you do in pools and who did you lose to?

lol so in short you got a sore looser who got mad enough to try and start a catfight, at EVO no less. Most amusing for some reason or another.