Re-experiencing the Past

As a new fighting game player and avid fan of asymmetric multiplayer games/systems, I’m fascinated with the history of fighting games. So where would someone new go to get/play these older games? Aside from the 3SO, HDR, and AH3, are any of the offerings on XBLA or PSN worth the money or time? Or should I invest my money/time into something else?

For the sake of argument, here is a list of older games I’m interested in playing:
Guilty Gear XX ^ Core Plus
Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3

I’m also open to any recommendations. Thanks!

Current Code is new,
you can only buy it as part of the Carnival Phantasm season 3 limited edition at the moment but there are plans for online distribution.

What does it play on? And if I was interested in the source material for Melty Blood (I’m a sucker for wanting know the backstory of things), is there any way to find that? I know its based on a visual novel of some kind.

MvC2 is on PSN / XBL

Alpha 3 is on GGPO

You can emulate CvS2 but I don’t know if you can play it online

Haven’t a clue about Accent Core

It’s based on a Eroge called Tsukihime (as in 5% terrible ero and the rest is story) by Type-Moon,
it has been fully translated by mirrormoon.
There’s also a sequel/fun disc called Kagetsu Tohya, it has been translated by the beasts’ lair community.
Unfortunately, both went out of print long ago, so pirating it is the only way.

Guilty Gear XX ^ Core Plus
PS2, PSP, Wii
-It’s kind of hard to find though but there’s also the original Accent Core available for the PS2 and Wii. Other than some extra features and the return of Kliff and Justice there’s hardly any differences in core gameplay and balance between the two.

Capcom vs SNK 2
Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox for the EO version
-Best bet would be the PS2 version as it is the most widely available. There’s also the Gamecube version but that one isn’t as easy to find, has some minor changes from the original release, and generally isn’t considered “tournament-standard.” The Dreamcast version you’ll have to import as it was a JP only release and the Xbox version isn’t backwards-compatible with the Xbox 360.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, PSN, XBLA
-Dreamcast version, no doubt. Cheaper to find than the PS2 and Xbox versions (since those two had limited print releases) and plays better on Dreamcast.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
PSX, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn (JP only), GBA, PSP (MAX), PS2 (under Alpha Anthology)
-Probably the Alpha Anthology and/or the MAX version more easily find

Thanks a lot for all the help guys! From the sounds of things, a PS2 is probably the best way to go (for the most part). I know I have a dreamcast somewhere but it’ll take some digging to figure out where exactly.

That’s an admirable goal. Continue to play and remind people that they are great games. I’m sure the veterans will take notice. Don’t forget GGPO!

I don’t own a PC (wife records music so we have a Mac) so no Melty or GGPO for me unless I bootcamp windows onto it.

In recent news: Guilt Gear Accent Core Plus was announced as coming to XBLA and PSN! (source:! )

Now if only other games like CvS2, Samurai Showdown, and Melty Blood would get the same treatment.

Honestly, given the popularity of both GG and MB in Japan I’m surprised this hasn’t happened earlier. (or at all in MB’s case. From my newly acquired knowledge, French-Bread has the strangest methods of releasing games)

yeah PS2 was the fighting game console of yesteryear, usurping dreamcast. I’ll always treasure mine.

Don’t like KoF? Maybe try 98, 2002, XI, all on the ps2 or XIII on ps3. KoF has a pretty cool history and storyline of the different characters and teams. Ps2 is definately the way to go. You can get some good deals on ebay, but i just picked up MvC2 for dreamcast at a local store for $7

Don’t get me started.


I already own KOF XIII :slight_smile: And I already figured out that PS2 is the place to play the rest.

This brings up an interesting question: There are a few older fighters on PSN however they aren’t ports but (not sure) software emulating PS1/PS2 hardware to run those games. Are those not worth playing? (as compared to straight ports like 3SO and MvC2)

After looking around, I noticed that a few of the local game stores have a PS2s for sale. Some of them are the fat versions and some are the slim. Any recommendation on which to get? I’ve heard that the slim is very reliable and quieter but the fat has better backwards compatibility.