RE: HRAP 3 the top plastic protective layer on the stick


HRAP 3 the top plastic protective layer on the stick

Hello folks,

This is kinda a silly question.

I am new to Arcade Sticks and this forum and I am wondering if anyone has taken off the top plastic protective layer on the HRAP 3.

I really don’t even know if I was supposed to do that, but I took it off last night and the stick looks better that way imo.

What do you pros think?


yeah when i got mine i thought i was suppose to remove that film, but then realized that its not meant to be taken off so i super glued it back on. eventually i removed everything and got my own art. looks much better now.


hey, where can I get my own art for that thing?


as far as i know, they don’t make art for these. you just find an awesome image and have it printed up.

how did you go about attaching your own image? did you just glue it on or did you have some lamination done to the whole thing or what?


There’s a thread here with the template. Open up Photoshop, and put your own artwork on the template. Then have Kinkos print it out for you, preferably with their lami-label service that gives your template an adhesive back. Stick it on and you’re good.