Re-Ignition Results and shoutouts


<b><font size=“3”>Skullgirls<br></font></b><br>1. Duckator<br>2. Chilldog (JMCrofts)<br>3. NCV (Konkrete)<br><br><font size=“3”><b>KoF<br></b></font><br>1. James Jr.<br>2. NCV (Konkrete)<br>3. King of Bums<br><br><font size=“3”><b>SF4 AE v2012</b></font><br><br>1. Spriggan<br>2. Scrimps<br>3. GLB<br><font size=“3”><b><br>Bomberman</b></font><br><br>1. Pat<br>2. WLDB<br>


GLB was 3rd in AE, Yanu was 4th<br>


P4A top 3:<br>1)Grant L.<br>2)Shinsyn<br>3)Nobodyexe<br><br>Shoutouts to Doug for coming late and not bodying me.<br><br>


AE Bracket:<br><br>Marvel:<br>


Thanks/Shoutouts: <br><br>- Noah and Max for running things, things went especially smoothly.<br>- Ignite and Sam for having us, really love the venue.<br>- Arthur for the good matches, both casuals and tourney<br>- Grant for winning P4A, good shit<br>- Mike/Dave for taking care of the stream, felt great to just focus on playing, finally felt non-rushed and really competitive<br>- Whoever ChillDog was, he fucking bodied me in Skullgirls<br>- Spriggan for the tips after bodying me<br>