Re-inventing the mechanics of 2D Fighters

Ok this thread has nothing to do with SF in particular, but rather just 2D fighters in general. The point is to bounce ideas off of each other of new ways to make the 2D fighting game experience fresh and different while still maintain its 2D “integrity”.

In the other thread, I already suggested that the stages in future 2D games would have to be much bigger (at least twice as big), definitely interactive and levelled. For example, the stage is a dark alley, one level would be standing on a car that is parked there, followed by a higher level which is the fire escape staircase which forms another level - all of which be taken advantage of.
The addition of ring outs and death traps could also add another dimension.

This is just scratching the surface of course. What do you think?

Then wouldn’t it be 3-D?:confused:

No because it would still be on a 2D plane.

Aside from making the graphics 3D while keeping it on a 2D plane with 2D mechanics, I don’t have many other suggestions. Adding environmental hazards and uneven terrain would most likely just add more problems in relation to balance. I don’t see anything wrong with further developing wall bounce properties, though.

Having cel-shaded 3D models duking it out on a 2D plane and adjusting the camera so that it is the same distance as we’re used to would certainly be an interesting concept, especially if the cel-shaded graphics look like gorgeous 2D artwork which I believe is possible.

As for uneven terrain and environmental hazards, we can work around those, they would certainly give a whole new meaning to “street” fighting.

Now a cell-shaded fighting game would be really nice. Isn’t one of the makers of SF supposed to be doin a cell-shaded DBZ game?

This sounds very much like the Narutimate hero series of games based off the Naruto manga.
Speaking of multiple levels, I’ve spent way too many hours playing 1, 2 and 3. Jumping from level to level in order avoid your opponent becomes dry after a while. For those who don’t know, Narutimate Hero maintains a 2d gameplay to an extent, while being entirely 3d graphics, but many aspecs of this particular game makes competitive play uninteresting. One thing I hate is the supers that last 20 secs and require you to input button combinations faster than your opponent :confused:

They made a game with death traps and interactive environments… it was called… BATTLE MONSTERS

Actually, check out some of the old World Heros games for better executed level interactivity…


Too bad Killer Instinct did it first.

This is a sucky idea I had but I’ll post it anyways. Instead of the hood staying the way it is, when your characters switch sides, so does the hood. Giving you more to concentrate on in the match, besides the usual stuff. A sucky idea? Yes, but it would be something different.

As far as mechanics go, I really hate it when people build bar by running away or turtling (Storm runaway, 3s chun li, random Blanka electricity, any CvS2 character). I think it would help games become more offensive if a person could only build bar by being offensive, as in, your hits must make contact with the opponent in order for you to build bar. Whiffing shit and running away won’t do any good.

I think Guilty Gear “kinda” took a step in the direction of offensive being rewarded. Maybe not in your exact terms, but more so than most 2D fighters…

Dude, that game was WACK as FUCK…

This sounds exactly like Super Smash Bros Melee. Jumping around multi-tiered levels, getting hit by “traps” (cars, lasers, apples, etc.), getting knocked off the stage… Don’t get me wrong, SSBM is a fun game, but it certainly doesn’t have the serious feel that 3S, GGXX#R, CvS2, etc. have.

In my opinion all the stuff like death traps and huge levels and any sort of “objects” you can throw into a fighting game will eventually be a distraction. I might be a little “old fashion” but when I play a fighter I would rather have it to be a skillful fight between myself and my opponent without any sort of distractions to avoid or worry about.

I guess I am not against placing things here and there but I think the improving or advancing the fighting mechanics will be far more important at the end of the day than including things like multi-tier levels and traps.


True, there is a similarity but if it is done to compliment serious gameplay it could definitely add a new dimension to gameplay. It could even become an option, you could play the stage normally (larger and multi-layered) or “locked” mode which is the way we’re used to.

As for advancing the mechanics of fighting, I have two suggestions right now:

1- Individual “grooves”, unique to every character. Basically every character’s grooves accentuates a fighter’s good qualities.

2- Auto-aim fireballs. Apart from the fact that your fighter’s head should move-to-face your opponent whereever he or she are (for example, if Ryu is standing and Ken jumps in, Ryu’s head should be looking diagonally towards Ken - adds more realism). This opens the way to auto-aim fireballs, whereever your head is facing, the fireball will be shot in that direction (so there would have to be at least 3-4 degrees of firing). Why? With the addition of multi-tiered stages and objects that fighters can stand on, this becomes a necessity. (The fireballs are not homing)

I’m also all for rewarding offensive tactics.

What I was thinking was power drain techniques.
Every character can perfom a power drain move that drains all the energy from your super power bar that you worked hard to build up.

I got this idea from plays 3S. I used kens super move which missed my opponent. He then laughed and said "haha you wasted it. Now your dead"
This idea takes away the advantage of a desperation move draining your defence meter.

I think my idea will really involve strategy and risk that occurs in fighting games often.

What do you think?

Power Drain is an interesting addition but there has to be consequences for using it, so that it may not be abused.

I both like this and I am afraid of it at the same time. In someways it could come out limiting and possibly put one character over the rest, but in others like I remembering hereing from Daemos or someone else in another thread it could come out pretty nice.

In the right hands individual grooves could be something great or absolute shit.

The earlier KOFs, and AOF had this, taunting takes away meter, and Omega Red can steal meter as well.