RE:KOF XIV 2.0 Fireball unblockable bug


A response to a video suggesting the existence of projectile unblockables

Initially I thought this is just another hiccup of KOFXIV and nothing to get agitated about. So I commented that what was showcased was akin to Dhalsim setups for projectile crossups and not a legitimate bug. The reply I got (in broken english of course) from the uploader suggested otherwise, that it was a real bug since doing the same maneuvers in XIII would not result in projectile crossups/unblockables.

My answer to that:

What's going on at Capcom?

Even though uploader said it’s impractical in the description, the Mai example sure looks like it can be done to your opponent when they choose not to recover from knockdown. Then there is Mature’s EX projectile setup. It deals 2hits (maybe more not sure), has short recovery, and is slow enough for her to dash and cross to the other side.


Is this still present in 2.01?




>Unlike SF4, which was very close to its older iterations in terms of mechanics


Also projectile unblockables aren’t a new thing for KOF.


Yeah I was hoping it was going to be 98 setups but no dice unfortunately.