RE:KOF98 Xiaohai vs Jojo


Owner of the channel, where the discussion started, has passed away I’ll be taking this thread to my blog. Sorry


That’s a wall of text for something that just sounds like a scrub bitching about gamesmanship in a game they weren’t even involved in.

Xiaohai is notorious for spending a game or two analyzing player tendencies and conditioning his opponent to do what he wants him to.

He did that at SCR against both Reynald in KOF14 and Haitani in SFV.

He did that to NuckleDu at ELEAGUE, and did that to most of the round robin in group play.

I don’t see how this is any different from his standard MO. If doing this is “straight up coonery” in your eyes, maybe you should try out competitive knitting as a hobby. I hear there’s less conditioning tactics there.


Again, disregarding the entirety of the post and going for the one part you think you could easily bite with Ad hominem.
We’re talking about KOF98 and this guy brings up KOFXIV then SFV… okay!

Yes I’ve seen a couple of his SFV sets where he comes from winners, gets rest, then still manages to win. But SF is a different game, so don’t try it.
SCR KOFXIV Reynald vs Xiaohai? I’ve watched that set.
Xiaohai came from losers, he had no rounds to spare doing what you claimed. In fact, I thought Reynald was the one throwing away rounds, playing Shin at anchor.

Although, I must say I like the word choice

If he had started the set holding back or playing conservatively with an Iori Daimon ura.Chris team, then I would have agreed with you. But no he just wasted those rounds playing roulette. What can you extract from 3 matches playing matchups you won’t run into again? KOF is mostly reactions and that makes it even harder to analyze anything.
Plus, Sandbagging could be easily mistaken for what you called “analyzing”.


this is sad


what do you mean its sad?
Its was fun and informative wall of text for me. There are so little discussion in english kof community. I am a noob but always been a die hard fan of kof. now I wish, somebody with kof knowledge can give a proper reply dan discussion to the gaagaa. Please more kof discussion.


I liked the match analysis, but theres a lot of kof haters in this forum. I would like more discussion about this


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