Re-learning Gen

So i’m re-learning Gen after 6 Months of playing E. Honda because Gen suits my flashy, aggressive style better. So I have a few questions:

  1. What are the current BnB’s for Gen?
  2. I’m starting to think of Gen like Seth, whereas I rushdown a lot more, and go for many mix-ups and grabs. Is this good?
  3. I can’t quite get cr.LK > cr.LP > st.HP > st.MK down 100%. Should I be plinking the HP? Or is it not necessary?

welcome back, fellow kungfu master!

  1. if you manage to get the 1f link down, Mantis cr. lk, cr. lp, TC2, gekiro (light or heavy, depending on the character) is the one to use after j. mk cross-ups or if you need to start a combo with the fastest hit; to punish I personally use Mantis st. mp, TC2, gekiro or in some cases Crane cr. mp, heavy Jyasen. I’m forgetting something for sure, lol
  2. rushdown is good if you can see it’s a valid option against your opponent. My usual strategy is not like that, I tend to try to score a knockdown and then do good damage. Then I let the opponent come to me. Gen’s footsies and defense is not bad (if you can anti-air properly).
  3. I’m having the same problem… if you manage to plink, do it. This combo is too useful…
  1. Hit-confirming into TC2 xx Gekiro has become a regular, yeah. There’s also s.MP, c.MP xx Hands for the characters that have a funky hurtbox during hitstun (like Blanka), or characters you need to stay away from (like Gief). Since you can FADC roll on the 2nd last hit now, use that to corner carry squishy characters.

  2. Rushing like a madman is a risky option, considering he has 900 life and 900 stun and lacks invincibility on special moves. Exceptions would be EX Gekiro and EX Oga, but one mistake will end up in a knockdown, which isn’t too great for Gen. Definitely look for holes in your opponent’s defense or create them yourself, but don’t overdo it. I see where you’re coming from as a former Honda player, but he can make a lot more mistakes.

  3. Definitely plink the s.HP.

@2 - Well Seth has 750 HP… Anyways, I usually see what they do on wake-up by “taunting” them with cr.LK when they are down to create the appearance that imma do meaty something.

@3 Do you know how many frames from cr. LP to s. HP is? I know it’s not a one-frame link because I get it by mashing (yes mashing) about 6/10 of the times.

Also, what should I do on wake-up with Gen? I’m trying not to ex. Kicks unless I have to. I get scared to death on knockdown againist Gief.

Seth is more suitable for mind games, because you always end up in a guessing game. Option A won’t save you from attack B, etc. Gen is a more footsie oriented character and simply lacks options. The fact rushdown works is generally because of the lack of match-up knowledge. I rely on poking for 50% of the time against my sparring buddies/rivals.

1-frame links can be executed without plinking, but you have only 1 frame to get it right. With plinking you double your chances.
And according to the frame data sheet on SRK it’s definitely a 1-frame link.

For wake-up situations, blocking is simply the best option. When you expect a meaty fireball or (command) throw, EX Oga is a good choice. Then there’s the possibility of parrying on wake-up (see the youtube movie), but I only recommend that against meaty dive kicks, and only once or twice. This doesn’t rule out EX Gekiro, but with 7-frames startup it’s definitely not a good choice. And when you got knocked down by Gief…best of luck.


wait ex oga has invincibility now?

and you can do cr. short, cr. jab, s fierce, into hk gekiro for hard knockdown.

It has projectile invincibility and hit invincibility I think, and for the record Gen is easier for me than Yun, yun links are so wierd

Are you sure? I recorded a ryu doing forward throw then meaty sweep. I could gekiro on wakeup, but if I tried to ex oga the sweep would hit me meaning no hit invincibility on the oga.

EX Oga has fireball and throw invincibility.