Re: My Ps2 hrap doesn't work with Ps2/Ps1 games on the 60gb bc ps3(with a converter)?


Basically my ps2 hrap with a converter works on the ps3 dashboard perfect, so all ps3 related stuff is all gd. However I have a ps1/ps2 bc 60gb ps3 and when I load up say sfex2 I can press start but I can’t move around the menus. It seems it doesn’t detect the joystick as a dpad. However if i just go ahead and press x I can load up arcade mode press x again to pick ken but once im in the match the only thign that works are the 6 buttons ppp-kkk but the ps3 cannot detect any directional input?!

Help me, could someone explain?

Also which ps3 sticks are bc with ps2/ps1 games, I have a fight stick 3 that works perfect but I’m looking for something a little higher grade. I heard the hori soulcaibur V sticks don’t work but the HRAP VA work (the new line of hrap). I heard that the Qanba Q4RAF works (the ps3/xbox one?) which would be ideal for me, but I heard from other forums it dosen’t could someone test and clarify this?

Cheers guys.


Okay long story short…

Some PS2 to USB/PS3 converters do not work with PS2/PS1 titles on backwards compatible 20, 60 and 80 GB models.

Yes the controller works on the dash board, but when you switch the PS3 into PS1/PS2 Mode the controllers “desynch” and you have to hit the HOME/GUIDE/PS button to reconnect the controller. Very few controller adapters have a home button or carry home over to a button on the PS2 controller (usually the analog button).

Look for good converters with the PS button on the converter. Best one I know of is the inpin on

Also depending on the adapter the joystick is detected as Left analog and not the d-pad.

Also which ps3 sticks are bc with ps2/ps1 games
Most (key word) Hori and Mad Catz sticks that were designed (and meant) for the PS3 are backwards compatible.
Examples: Exar’s King of Fighters PS3 stick is not backwards compatible. The Mad Catz TE series, and the Hori rap V3 Pro, Hrap VLX and Hrap 3 arew backwards compatible.
Also sticks modded with the following boards (but not limited to) will work

[]Cthulhu (both the MC and PS3 versions)
[]TEasy family of boards
[*]PS360 and the PS360+


I heard on another srk post that madcatz TE’s don’t work… I wish I knew someone with a ps3 te to test with.

If you have personally tested this I would be more reassured to act upon your advice. Nothing personal just the internet isn’t always right.

Cheers for the advice I’ll look into it.