Re: Why I Love Street Fighter

Why I Love Street Fighter

i just thought about this… and though i can’t disagree with the points the author makes, it’s hard to say why SF specifically is the object of our affection.

couldn’t we replace SF with KOF, or another coin-op game where there are characters to choose from, skills to develop, and a need to out-think your opponent? for example, we can say the same things about Tekken, the Gundam games, or racing games, or Bomberman. if there was a coin-op Counterstrike with two-player mode, wouldn’t its players share the above sentiments? couldn’t this essay be retitled “Why I Love Fighting Games” or “Why I Love Competitive Zero-Sum Coin-Operated Electronic Games”?

i’m not talking about the difference in aesthetics between fighting games like KOF and SF (story, character design, music etc), but the differences in basic game design. what is it about watching two guys beat each other up (on a 2d playing field) that does the trick for us?

watching a street fighter match has an excitement level to it that is unrivaled anywhere else. I played counter-strike for two years competitivly and loved the game. You watch videos of it to get better, check strats and get better. But there were always times when it was just boring… the game got boring to play. In street fighter you have 99 seconds a round to play, non stop twitch worthy action follows.

When someone in 3s parries into a super move for a win, it hits something primal in me, I can’t explain it. It’s just too sweet for words.

SF is competition to it’s very core… besides actually coming to fists.

People like things.

Some may like football and become thrilled by the game that they udnerstand and grew up with.

same thing applies to streetfighter: many people in the streetfighter community played it during their youth and never lost touch of it. Likewise those who understand the mechanics of streetfighter love to watch it all the more.

i didnt read the article, it was a little to sketchy for my taste… esspecially the “When you play, people are watching. People that can see you. People that can touch you…” second paragraph. A llittle too artsy and deep for me, i dont know maybe it’s me, but that kinda put me off of streetfighter…

i mean its a hobbie which i play competively on campus and also i do love hearing any bit of news about it. But not where it becomes the center piece to my life, not the “object of my affection”. And i can speak for most of the streetfighter community when i say this.

for example, if the choice was possible im pretty sure most guys here would rather spend an evening being enthralled by a woman of their taste, rather than watchin/playing streetfighter with their buds. I mean most people here love streetfighter, but who the hell obsesses over it.

^^ I do :frowning:

Unless you’ve lived with the same girl for the last 2.5 years. Then that one night of the week playing SF with the guys becomes something you look forward to more so than coming home from work every night and being annoyed endlessly by nagging. I love to watch House and Law and Order with her, but I’d take a night hanging out with the guys playing games or going out or just relaxing over it.