RE5 Online Versus Mode, Does it worth it?

I’m thinking to get the Versus Mode at the PS Store, but i want to know if really worth the price…

Does anyone here has it?, what about the experience?, i have some money in my PS Wallet, so i want to invest it in a good game add on.

hey man hows it going? well im not entirely sure, but this friend of mine who actually bought it told me it was ok, but it gets old real quick…

Very much worth it- it’s very competitive, many players use mics and the soundtrack (Rust in Summer '08 and KILLERS) is awesome zombie rave!! Slayers and Team Slayers are the best modes.

It’s also worth it if your partner is Wesker and the other player presses, “I suppose I should thank you!” after helping him out. lol

really bro?.. well i heard mixed reactions about this add on, i think i’ll buy it, but i’ll wait a little longer.

Thanks dragon and dbo!