RE5 Wesker Avatar Request

Well, I have a kinda tough av request–hopefully someone’s up to the challenge.

Basically I want the scene from the RE5 trailer with Wesker teleporting around several times in front of Chris…ending with his gun in Chris’ face.

The source material is linked here

If possible, I’d like for my handle to show up right when he teleports and points the gun at Chris’ face.

Thank you.

I gave it a try, is it something like this:

I can change stuff if you want make the sn bigger or change font or something else if you don’t want it though then ok no prob

[quote=“mvcplayer, post:2, topic:48639”]

I gave it a try, is it something like this:

I like it. I just think if you could possibly make it bigger that would be great. If not, I’m happy with it. I will see about rewarding you because you did that hella fast.

that’s kinda like 5 times the srk file size limit. :rofl:

ah ok let me get working on that then ::tup::

Is it possible to somehow get that within size requirements?

Sorry for editing my post so much earlier–I just wanted to make sure everything was how I wanted. I like the avatar–I just want it to fit. That’s the main concern.

since he’s fairly new and not prem he probably doesn’t know the limit’s 48.8kb. It’s gonna be tough to fit it all in in that size.

waits for it

after seeing what the limit of it is I had to made some MAJOR changes :sad:
and this is what I came up with:

sorry dude if I make it any bigger than that the the size is around 50k =( if you don’t want it then I understand hopefully someone can make it better

edit: here is one going faster makes it look a little better

im willing to give it a shot if someone can recommend me a good screencapping program. i dont like the one i have.

if OP likes whats already made then ignore this

What program do you have now? I appreciate the efforts of the other av creator but that isn’t going to work. Sorry, mvcPlayer.

You might want to try FLV converter.

oh its cool dude sorry I couldn’t make it according to the requirements :sad: oh well hopefully somebody else will make something :wonder:

well i tried it and had to completely butcher the animation in order to squeeze it under the filesize limit. lets just say wesker isnt going to be doing that much teleporting

this is already 56 KB, and its like 5 frames of animation

if thats actually ok with you then heres a version that fits within 48.8 kb

other solutions: i could do the whole slideshow deal where i could pack more “action” into the frames, but there would be less “animation” if that makes any sense. there isnt going to be that much more information though, its like 1 more frame.

Well, If you can add more action that would be nice…if not then I will use one of these. These are really good.

If you don’t mind I’ll wear this one until a revision is done.

i can’t wait for resident evil 5. it’s games like this and metal gear solid that make me buy a console (and street fighter of course). but when i see the avatar, i think… either this is how the game ends or the hero is one lucky mofo!!!

It’s pretty obvious from viewing trailers that Chris fights Wesker maybe 2 times and that the fight in the jet is one of the earlier fights. He fights Wesker in a mansion and then he fights him in a TriCell jet.

slideshow lol

yeah its pretty hard to squeeze in any more information. i think the other ones capture the “teleporting” a little better but choose whichever one you want, theyre all over 18 i mean legal.

Thank you I really appreciate your effort.