Reaching Level 50


For those enduring the grind for color 15
Level 49: 47,500
Level 50: 51,700.


Reached 40 yesterday with Laura. I hope I’m at 50 before they launch the zenny store because I’ll never use her default again when her premium outfit is out.


Update after getting to level 50

  1. Color 15 became purchasable at the shop. Cost: 20,000 Fight Money
  2. Received 1000 Fight Money
  3. Title “Eternal Traveler” became available
  4. the EXP points resets. It went from 51,700 to 0. Adds up like 107/107. Next match: 710/710…




i don’t blame you.


Would beating survival mode (Med level) multiply times help you level up?


I think you only get XP the first time you beat a course.

I’m at 41 with Laura now and goddamn, it sure goes slowly from 40 onwards. I haven’t done Hard and Extreme Survival yet but I doubt I’ll be able to beat them so it’s Casual Matches all day.


so capcom “rewards” you after a stupid long grind period with being able to purchase something from then in the store and they reset your points to zero for no reason?!

will your char be then displayed as level 1 afterwards?


Regarding point 4, do you get 1000 fight money for leveling up again?


you saw nothing!


the whole point of buying dlc costumes ect and to unlock colors is that your opponent can see them too.
you can of course mod the game to get everything for free but its just one sided.


Damn…I want color 15 for Rashid but I’m only at 31 :s I need to grind more casuals and maybe tackle extreme mode I guess (sigh).


Right now, I’m displayed at level 50, but my progress bar shown on my fighter profile does not move. It stays maxed out.

When I do collect exp points, it adds up on this fashion with no next attainable goal in sight
Current exp points: 2000/2000
-lose to a gold = +87
Exp points After: 2087/2087


Nope. You only get the rewards for the first time. I know because i had to unlock color 10 for story mode costume by doing hard mode again. No Fight money or exp points given


i said nothing!


How you do it on ps4 :/?


so there is a mod which enables you to buy the color without reaching level 50?
can you pm me a link to it?


I want the links too.

I’m assuming it has something to do with tricking the server, how hard is it exactly?


Can anyone share the PS4 trick, please?


@ParryThis so Jealous I’m at 45. maybe another week or two if I have enough time to grind.