Reaction Anti Air Shoryuken tips



Please give me all of your tips for doing anti air shoryukens

how to practice it, the motion, when/ how to buffer etc

mostly the motion you guys do… I was told to hold down forward, then go to neutral and downforward again is this practical?


I think this should be in Newbie Dojo section, but…

I personally don’t like practicing shortcuts of any kind in this game. My thinking is that if they take out these shortcuts in future games, then you’re gonna have to learn a few motions all over again. The actual motion is F, D, DF. For beginners who want to practice this motion, you can take your time and hold F like your walking until your ready to move to D. In a swift transition, go from F to D. Then, pretend that your doing a fireball motion but cut it halfway. Quickly move your thumb to DF and then press punch. Always take your time when practicing this, because it’s a very important motion, especially for Ryu.

When practicing it for AA, you have to react to when the opponent jumps. Train yourself to input the motion as soon as you see any jumping action. That would answer your “when/how to buffer” question. It’s all reactions and relying on your previous practices of getting the motion down. You want to feel 100% with the motion and can do it without any worries. So going into Training Mode and using the jump/record options would be the best way to practice the motion and AA with it. When using record, don’t forget to record different jump angles along with neutral jump. Getting the timing down of punishing different jumps would be beneficial.

Sorry if this doesn’t help. I’m horrible at giving advice, but I figured I’d give it a shot lol.


Pick Ken and do what comes natural…


Just input the motion as soon as you see a jump. The input window in this game is huge so even if you delay the button press it’ll still come out. For example if you neutral jump and input an ultra motion in the air if you hit the buttons when you land, ultra will still come out.


I have to always buffer it, especially when playing online. So what I do is sort of “Dance” with Ryu. Mind you this is unsafe if your opponent is well versed in footsies, but that’s why you should know your opponent’s ranges and dance in and out of it. And when you see the person jump, you should be able to just input the button and then bam!