Reaction time.

I know having good reflexes is must. I was just wondering if anyone knows a good way to train their reflexes other than years of experience. I think its a whole in my game that I need to improve.

People just naturally have good reflexes, but they can be improved through practice, practice and more practice of things requiring fast reflexes. That’s really the only way I think. I lucked out and was born with above average reflexes, always been quick.

I think you’re overestimating the importance of reflexes in fighters. It’s not like an FPS where you need to make twitch shots constantly. Fast reflexes are certainly necessary to succeed, but not nearly as fast as in most other games. It’s more about thinking.

Yea, it’s not really about having lightning reflexes. It’s more about being able to make decisions quickly. Chun is a good example, imo. Chun has great anti-air options. She can AA any jumpin, but it’s difficult for most chun players, because she has 4 different options to AA with. All four hit different types of jump attacks and you have to quickly decide which is correct for the particular jump in the opponent is using.

You can’t really learn how to react faster, but you can learn to make decisions quicker as you gain more experience and have a better idea of what the startup of different attacks look like.

Part of it’s just repetition and doing something so many times for so long, it’s the same way you can probably drive or write much easier than when you first learned.

The other part is getting better at reading your opponent so you’re reacting to something you’re already expecting (e.g. your opponent always jumps at a certain range so you sit at that range and wait for the jump).

Try dedicating a few matches to just anti airing or whatever you’re trying to learn. Really helped with my akuma’s c.HP game, I get crossed up way less than I used to :smiley:

with practice and a ton of matches, that’s all you can do about it, it’s a natural learning curve, is like learn to read and write, actually, they say that gamers usually develop great reflexes compared to a no gamer person.

I played Counter-Strike: Source a lot and still do, I know my reaction time’s a lot better from that.

Human Benchmark - Reaction Time Test

oh and reaction should be trained by playing defensively imo, not by playing offensive pressure/mixup/mindgames/etc. of course, certain charas will be better suited for this than others.

Reaction takes time, it cannot be built in a day, so don’t expect to drastically improve each day. But you WILL improve so take baby steps and you will get better.