Read before posting a new thread in imm

Mods, please sticky this, or merge it with the current notice, or update it, or something.

I noticed alot of folks posting new threads for just one request. To prevent this from happening, you might or might not have seen THE BIG REQUEST THREAD: A New Generation, stickied at the top of IMM. Allow me to explain why we have done this, for those who don’t know. The purpose of that is to clean up IMM, and when you make a thread for one av/sig/wallpaper/whatever request, you are effectively defeating the purpose of our efforts.

DO NOT MAKE NEW THREADS FOR SINGLE REQUESTS. If you have a request, post it in the Big Request thread and help us achieve our goal of cleaning up IMM. The artists are collaborating to provide SRK with the best graphics services as we can. We are trying, but we can’t do it alone, so as a requester, it is your duty to help us if you want continued quality.

Thank you.

-The Luc

the luc for IMM mod!:rock:

please make it happen

blah, you’re just trying to drive traffic onto your thread, I think these guys are trying to monopolize the avatar market!!!

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anyways its not going to happen, its been done before over and over again, people just dont read stickys, thats about it

That’s the point. The fact that “nobody reads stickys” as you say needs to be changed. Attitudes like yours counteract our mission as artists.

I’m just sayin, we’re putting in a big effort to make the place better and we’re not getting full cooperation. Cooperation is what we need and it makes it all the harder to accomplish our objective.

There is no “monopoly” about it. We aren’t making money, we’re just trying to provide the best services and do it in the most efficient manner. There are options for the requester to take advantage of in our thread. They can select their new av’s artist if they please. Its a mutual decision.

LOL wow guy chill out lol
our missions as artists? thats sounds so funny, but anyways there been threads over the years /sticked and mod protected so that you cant make your own thread. it doesnt work out, its srk and thats pretty much it, its all fun, i know you’re trying to do good things… hell i made hundreds of avatars for people
attitudes like mine… nah its more like experience being here lol
but yeah =p

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